Jet plane sound?

Anyone notice a loud WOOSH/ROAR sound (sounds very much like a jet plane passing by)? I hear it while driving in front of the north hangar at the airport, where the single-seat planes and fuel bowsers are parked. Also on the grass between the hangar and drag race start area.

Only happens online.

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It looks like i need to get the pink monster out and have a drive up there to see whats going on,
… maybe do some unlimited drag while I’m up in the area

Maybe it’s deliberate for ambient sounds. To make the airport feel alive or something?

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when you press the accelerator on the car does it make a sound? or do you find that weird too?


Oooh, you’re so helpful! I customised all my cars to play “yakkity sax” when I hit the gas anyway, so no.

@ Mitchy: I don’t think it’s ambient, as it only happens online. It also seems more frequent if I’m sliding, like the engine and tire noises are interfering?