Jesko Tune help

So I’m looking for a jesko Tune that can handle taking a turn at speed and not having to slowdown to below 100mph just to turn without taking a very wide turn, or if anyone knows for a car that works for that, just trying to complete races as fast as possible to grind through the map

Ive got 519 cars and the jesko is one i never ever use for anything. In fact, the only koenigsegg i do use is the ccgt because its the only one that isnt trash in this game(its actually one of the best cars). Id try the apollo ie, or ccgt instead. The mosler and pagani zonda r are both pretty good on some longer tracks with a lot of straights.

I have awd tunes shared for all of them if you search me up. Just use my most recent shared tune. I constantly refine them but i dont delete the old ones. I play on keyboard so handling, particularly cornering precisely, is a big deal for me.

Thank you for the information, I’ll definitely check you out

Forgot to mention that the mosler is by far the best value. Its like 350k and you can tune it to be either a long straights car or a short track with lots of turns car.

For S1 everyone seems to love the ford gt 05 but i prefer the lotus elise gt1. It has no top speed though, just really good handling.

Hello i can help you if you still are interested in some help pls contact me.