Jerks in unlimited drag

Hey, anybody else have the misfortune of running between a beetle and a venom last night? Every race they would cross over you at the start and block you. They would then proceed to continue crashing you through the drag. I tried to weather it but kept ending up between these two idiots. When I finally gave up and quit the lobby they started sending incredibly offensive messages. I reported them and blocked them. If this happened to you as well last night and you failed to get their GT, PM me. Let’s get rid if this.

All you can do is block and report and just carry on. Dip*&^%'s run amock in this game and until you get most of them blocked, it will continue to happen. Good luck and Godspeed.

How can the drag lobby not be set up as no-collisions? It’s nuts collisions are turned on there. It would still be a 100% proper drag race with collisions off.


Very good point. Then we could focus on squeezing every last thousandth off.

Should of hit that save replay botton and sent it to a certain mod! :wink:


I did save the replay. In fact, I saved three or four of them. Just not sure what to do with them.




Haha that’s good. If you can guess the mods name by the pics send him a message.

Drift Bird?
No, wait, Winter Beak, Cold Stalker, White Mouse Eater, Don’t tell me, i’ll get it, Frozen Nocturnal Predator, Aawww, I give up…


Clearly he means sugarbird -

You guys are actually funny. The white mouse eater made me chuckle. But seriously, I reported their offensive messages and their crashing (1 message report and 1 crashing report for both GTs). I was hoping others saw it and would also report. One innocent said at one point “you guys do know this is not bumper cars”. I knew that but I could not escape the beetle and venom. I thought I asked people to vote to kick but I could not find how to do it (is it even possible in drag?). They would pin me to the wall and ram until I could break free. What can the white sugarbush do? I will gladly send him replays (once I figure out how). But, the offenders are not part of these forums unless they frequent under another GT. From my quick google search, they only do BF4.

You don’t send him the replay. What u do is share it on forza tv and put a description of the Gamertags wrecking u. [Mod edit - fyerball]

I was really hoping someone would make that joke! XD (EDIT: And that right there is why I didn’t do it myself… Oh well, it’s not allowed so what can we do?)

In all seriousness though, the guy’s GT is Snowowl. He’s part of XBL Enforcement and he can help you take down offenders a bit faster than usual.

You’ll always find these idiots online sadly. You’ve done the right thing reporting and blocking. They will be dealt with if they keep being reported. I’ve seen a number of people banned after reporting them for some seriously bad behaviour. I can’t even repeat what was said, but i did have it recorded and that got rid of them. Some people just like to ruin other’s fun. You did not retaliate, and you reported. Exactly the right action, and hopefully you’ll get some better racing online.

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Ers would you do the same for corner cutters?

No I wouldnt. Reason being they aren’t interfering with you. With that said 100% of corner cutters will slam into you if you interfere with their corner cut. So if they hit you when they cut then yes I would. Now it has to be very deliberate and happen numerous times. It doesn’t have to happen numerous times to u but if he does it and wrecks three separate people I would do it. How to check is save the replay and watch it. If it is malicious send it to the whoooo man.

Side note. Don’t retaliate if you are going to send it to him because you could get banned as well by wrecking him on purpose.

Thanks I will keep that in mind. He did slam into me cutting the first corner at Indy.

I shared three clips of them and their antics. I assume you can see it in my gallery. Btw, they are currently in a party in FM5. Beware!

I think this happens in drag, circuit racing and every online game, of every genre. Unfortunate really… :frowning:

It’s all fun and games until someone gets edited lol. My bad