Jelly cars - flipping them

Does anybody know which is the best car (sloppiest) for doing jelly tunes. It used to be easy in forza 4 but I don’t know how to make tunes to flip jelly cars could somebody please help and teach me how to make a great universal jelly tune that will make the car flip when you full-lock it left or right

In general, taller + narrower is easier to roll.

I’ll go home and play with some settings this weekend but to get you a decent start

Ride height should be highest, springs should be very soft, dampers should be very soft. Tires should be about 25 psi. Car should also have a race diff so the car can continue to speed up while on two / three wheels.

Set anti roll bars to lowest, then test drive the car on airfield… On these cars I use chase cam so I can see which wheel lifts first. try doing a few turns, find out if it is the inside rear wheel or the inside front wheel that lifts first. If it is the front wheel that lifts first, slowly put more anti roll bar on the front, if the rear wheel lifts first put more anti roll bar on the rear. Do this until the car is lifting the same while turning. Remember that too stiff of roll bars will make the car not roll. What you are trying to do with this is balance the lifting of the front and rear so they happen at the same time.

If it isn’t rolling at that point, it might still be possible. Open up telemetry, go to the camber screen. Attempt a roll and watch the outside tires camber. What you are trying to do at this point is make the tire flat to the ground at the hardest point of turning so that you get the most grip. Take the outside tires camber value while turning hard and try to zero it out. So let’s say if it is showing -2.5 front at the hardest point of turning, add +2.5 camber to the front, and do the same for the rear.

If the car is rolling over too hard and too often you should be able to add a small amount of bump damping to front and rear to slow it down a bit.

Hopefully this helps you out. I’ll make some this weekend to see if I can find any additional insight.