JAX COLOR MASTER Tool - manage your colors and gradients in Forza Horizon with Airtable

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May I introduce? This is the JAX Color Master.
I build this little tool earlier with the help of Airtable. The tool is for perfectionists, for all of you who want the cars to look the same.

Once the color values are stored, you can retrieve them at any time as soon as you want to paint another car.

Colors and color gradients can be combined to collections (or color palettes if you want to take it more exactly).

Photos of the cars can be attached to the individual colours and colour gradients.

Now comes the coolest thing. I found a way how to convert the color values from Forza so that you can use the color in Photoshop & Co. With the tool it goes now also differently around. If you have chosen your favourite colour in Photoshop, you only have to read the HSB values (don’t confuse them with RGB!!!). Enter HSB values into the tool and the tool calculates the values for Forza. You can now set every color in the world exactly in Forza.

Everyone can use the tool in two ways:

  1. as end user: open the tool, look up or add colors, close.
  2. as “colour designer”: create your own colour gradients, make color palettes and give it to the community or send the data to me, so i can add your colors in the future releases.

Support & Development
If you want to take part in the development or watch the development, you are welcome on the JAX Racing Crews Discord Server.

Development & Support Channel, Discord (ENGLISH): https://discord.gg/tehydFa
Development & Support Channel, Discord (GERMAN): https://discord.gg/temdfP8

The link to Airtable (https://airtable.com/shrHtiDR4Jk4jCT5u) is an affiliate link. For every registered user Airtable credits my account with $10. You have neither advantages nor disadvantages, but your registration helps me to develop tools for Forza using Airtable.

Translated with: https://www.deepl.com/translator :sweat_smile:

Latest releases

Tool of choise

Create an Airtable Account: https://airtable.com/invite/r/BZmL0WHG

Latest release

JAX Color Master v0.10
URL: http://bit.ly/JAXcolor010
Authorization: anyone can copy, use and further develop this version.

Live Developer Version

JAX Color Master Developer Version: https://airtable.com/shrCYZgWyRZgEpxwf
Authorization: Read only. Everyone can use data and follow the development live. This base can NOT be copied like the current final version.


Reserved for Ressources


Coming soon…
PS: Can anyone help with German / English translation?

JAX Color Master Dokumentation: http://bit.ly/JAXcmDEdoc


  • 2019-05-18 - Version 0.10 // Big update

  • New Features

  • New Content (6 new Color Palettes)

  • Bugfixes

  • Improvements

  • Full release notes:* http://bit.ly/JAXcm-Release-Note-010
    11 pages to read. Have fun :wink:

  • 2019-05-15 - Version 0.02

  • New Gradient Collection: Gradients.io Collection (23 New Gradients)

  • New Gradient Collection: Die Pixelhelden PXH Brand Colors & Gradients (10 New Gradients)

  • New Function: Color Palettes can now be categorized

  • A few Resources added

  • Few small improvements

  • 2019-05-14 - Version 0.01
    MVP Release. First draft / first working version.

Big update! Color Master Version 0.10 released.

Full release note: JAX Color Master v0.10 Release Note - Google Docs
11 pages to read!! Have fun :wink:

Download: please see second post.