January Bounty Hunter Event - Johniwanna

Ok, I know I’m not the fastest driver out there in the world of Forza but I do have real world driving skills. I hope they translate as I take you all on driving one of my own cars. The 2014 Ford Fiesta ST will be the car you drive at a Track Day event at Mugello Full. The traffic will be made up of other cars I own, some faster, some slower. The goal? Simple, put in a clean lap as fast as you can.

[edit] This is a STOCK-ONLY event. [edit] Event ends 1/31 at 12 midnight. Pacific. I will set my last time by 1/30/18 before 5 p.m.

Every one who sets a time will win the 1977 Ford Escort 1800 RS and the Happy New Year Driver suit. There will be a Twitter poll to decide what the prize will be for beating me. I guarantee that you will have to put in a clean lap top beat me.

I am using my race rig with a Thrustmaster wheel, pedal, and shifter set-up. I drive with TCS/STM off, manual with clutch, no ABS, and no racing or braking line.

First time was: 2:28.835
Last time was: 2:26:917
Last time was 2:26.154
Last time: 2:25.142
Last time: 2:25.011
Last time : 2:24.816

Current time: 2:23.826 as of Sunday night 1/28/18 9:30 pm

I will use this thread to , talk some trash, and of course post my times as they improve. Recommend a good replay to watch and help me improve if you want!

Send me a friend request and post your times as the event progresses.

Here is a side question. I have been racing with my wheel set up for about two weeks, I have always been faster with a controller. Do you think I will be faster with my race rig or my controller?

It’s going to be a fun rest of the month taking you all on. I look forward to putting my love of trees, and rewind behind me, and keeping as many of you breathing my exhaust fumes. Good Luck!



For beating the time? WIR said those were just for setting a time.

Corrected. You get the Escort for participating and there will be a Twitter poll to decide the car those who beat me will receive.

Thanks Connor!


No problem, cheers!

Awesome…love that you’re on the forums and an actual driver too.

Looking forward to beating your time and hurting your feelings (I kid, I kid, mostly).

To answer your question, if you can dial in your settings on your wheel setup, you can likely best your controller time. No ABS will undoubtedly help you go faster too, but I shouldn’t be helping. Fun full auto with all the assists on!

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Bring it on.

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John - you likely will be slower with the wheel at the start, but probably pick up quickly you need not force anything. Smooth and calm is the approach with the wheel.

Make sure you have the latest software updates from Thrustmaster for the wheel, and properly installed from your PC or laptop with the wheel connected before entering the game. One-time install, but there are some adjustments you need to make each time.

Good luck, and watch out for those . . . never mind, there aren’t any on that track you should be able to reach.


was hoping this would have remained a stock event, but I can always find a decent tune on the market I suppose


DUHme! Thanks, Max.

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Good man John you just made my Monday (not) so its just the escort and driver gear was looking forward to getting the civic lets hope it’s on a event soon like forzathon


At this point in time youll most definitely be faster with the controller but with time youll eventually shorten the gap but not necessarily close it. Unless youre horrible with a controller its the easier way to be fast in forza.

Even though i love using the clutch pedal and h-shifter for the immersion its slower in forza. So ill give you a little advice if the thrustmaster wheel you are using is the tx, ditch the h pattern and use the paddles, hold the mode button and then press the A button. This will automatically use the clutch when you up or downshift. Its also slower and unnecessary to lift off the gas when shifting in forza so dont lift. Last bit of advice is to use the lowest dor(degree of rotation) you can use comfortably and youll be quicker. Good luck.

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Each and every time you start up the game. The Thrustmaster does not retain the setting (Mode button & A button) from one session to another, but will for as long as you’re in FM7 and playing. Concentrate on your lines through turns and ditch the habit of slamming your car through the corners. Finesse with the wheel pays off in the long run. I’ve said for years, when you finally understand your wheel a race will feel easy and relaxing. That’s when you have mastered it.

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Depends how fast you are on the controller, and how far off those times are you after just 2 weeks on the wheel? I know forza can take a fair amount of adjusting on a wheel. Having real world experience may help you find pace on a wheel easier with a bit more practise, I know for fact I am much faster and more consistent on a wheel and it’s a lot more enjoyable for me.

Have you set up your advanced options where they are comfortable for you yet?

Im2fast4u great tips for getting into it, I would also add use normal steering first, if you find the steering sluggish try sim but if sim is too twitchy just stick to normal, on a wheel neither one is really faster or slower, just depends on your driving style and preference really.

Look forward to racing your time, good luck!

2:21.804. BTW he stopped for coffee.

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So to be clear we stay FWD but can use any tire i.e. street (homologated) or race etc etc as long as we stay C500 ?

Yes this is just like old times. :smiley:

Choice of Mugello was not accidental, we’re gonna have to be creative with the build.

I wanna see what these “other cars” in John’s garage are. :smiley:

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I love this. My daily commuter is a bone stock (except for Michelin PSS) '15 Fiesta ST. Cheers, and good luck!


Johniwanna kick your butt in this one,lol.

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Good luck Johniwanna! I am taking you down!:grinning:

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