Jag XFR-S wrong gears? 6 not 8?

Forza is late to the party with this game. No new Continental, no Jag XE SV Project 8. I guess that means paying someone to make new models for this “new” game. But hey ho, you get less than you pay for.

Tried to make my own Project 8 using the XFR-S, but the gears are wrong, you only get 6 in FH4, when the dash says 8 and the real car has 8?

Anyone know why? Or who to tell to correct this oversight?

You gave it an AWD swap. All vehicles default to a six speed transmission when you change the powertrain configuration.

Thanks, guess thats for Forza to balance its game.

A shame as its 100% unrealistic and even the Project 8 has AWD and 8 speed. It even has a fair few 7 speed AWD cars in the game.
Ahh well.