Jag R Coupe - odd bobble braking behavior

I decided to fool around with the Jag R Coupe last night for the first time. I was running it on Hockenheim with the long straight followed by the very sharp near 150* slow turn at the end. Under heavy braking, just shy of lock up, I noticed a huge cyclical bobble almost like it had ABS turned on, but vastly exaggerated. I never run ABS, but still checked to confirm it was off. Has anyone else noticed this? I thought at first it might be my tune, but playing with that only mildly affected intensity, never making it go away.

One other probably relevant point, this was noticed running with dash cam. I always prefered that view, but some time back when I was preparing to go to online racing, I forced myself to switch to chase cam for better situational awareness to help in avoiding other drivers when they unexpectedly make a move. Of course, once I got comfortable with that view, I then I found online racing to be a complete waste of electrons. I kept hoping it would get addressed, but sadly T10 decided that Drag, Drift, SUVs, and other updates were far more important than addressing problems that made online racing painful at best, and so I kept the chase cam as my Pass expired (likely forevermore. particularly with that nag screen reminding me how ticked off I was every time I start the game). Anyway, I just realized that I had now defaulted to chase cam, and never expecting to play online again, I switched back to dash cam.

After making that switch, other cars I have tried have not displayed such dramatic behavior. I may have experienced it on other cars, maybe it’s common, but I just didn’t notice because of chase cam view. So is this normal, or just an aberration of the Jag game modeling?