[JADT] JADSPORT Tuning list - 73 Pontiac and 71 AMC Javelin added

Hi everyone! Well it’s finally here so let’s get tuning and driving! Some of you may remember me popping up every now and then since FM2 and I’m back again, first up is a FWD '04 Civic Type R tune, search my gamer tag or JADSPORT Tuning and you should come across it. I’ll add my future tunes to this thread so keep checking back in the coming days/weeks. Let me know what you think, feedback always welcome and appreciated, happy gaming!

Clio WIlliams (FWD) No aero balanced tune

'04 Civic Type R EP3 (FWD) Balanced tune
Renault Megane RS 250 (FWD) Balanced tune
Mini GP (FWD) Grip tune
Clio 200 (FWD) Balanced tune
'03 Focus RS (FWD) Balanced tune
Toyota GT86 (RWD) No aero balanced tune
'73 Pontiac (RWD) On and Off road tunes (x2)
'71 AMC (RWD) On and Off road tunes (x2)

Mini GP (FWD) Grip tune
Subaru BRZ (RWD) Grip tune
Audi RS4 (AWD) No aero balanced tune
Mazda RX8 (RWD) No aero balanced tune

Lotus Exige (RWD) Grip tune
Jaguar F-Type (RWD) No aero balanced tune

Update, Megane RS 250 FWD tune added

More tunes up! Mini GP B and A class tunes and A class Subaru BRZ, enjoy!

Clio 200 added

I’ve just added a grip tuned Lotus Exige S tuned to S1900, it’s my favourite so far! I hope you enjoy, any feedback is welcomed.

Also just added a S1900 Jaguar F-Type RWD balanced speed/grip tune with no aero and a great noise!!!

Audi RS4 added, A800 AWD no aero tune. Tuned during the saloon series.

Added tonight is a B700 '03 Focus RS tune, FWD with front aero and I have updated my FWD tunes with things I have learnt since their original releases, enjoy!

Tonight’s additions are a no aero, RWD Mazda RX8 for the A800 class. A FWD D Class no aero Clio Williams and a no aero RWD Toyota GT86 for the B700 class, enjoy and please feel free to post feedback and or comments in the thread.


New tunes added! I’ve just taken part in the American Racers events with these two cars and have shared on and off road tunes for both, enjoy!

'73 Pontiac (RWD) On and Off road tunes (x2)
'71 AMC (RWD) On and Off road tunes (x2)