Ive got a bunch of money

So ive never had 10 million credits at one time b4 in this game and i just sold a really rare car that i hated for 10 million. I have all the best cars (599xx evo, monacoa king cobra, 2 supras, senna, f1, fxx k, 1800hp lambo, bunch of drift cars, all the ken block cars.) and have gotten all of my favorite cars in the game (and some really good IRL cars that are trash in FH4 but, Bugatti) what do i spend my money on? (cars) I really like the veneno in motorsport but is it worth it in FH4? also i really like the italdesign car whatever its called. i rly like old racers too

Do you have all the houses? If you haven’t got Lake Lodge I’d recommend spending some money on that because it gives you double Forzathon points. Also the house in the woods gives you skill songs. Useful if you want to build up your skill points.

Many players here have maxed out the CR counter. That is to say being strategic about your buying is applicable only at the very beginning of the game, you will soon find yourself with much more money than you can spend, just buy what is adding fun for you, no bad choice.

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Disappointing thread, I thought this would be about how you had a load of real life money and how it enables you to play the game as much as you please, rather than having to go out to work :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn