Its time to discuss: Replay Cameras

Anyone else find the replay cameras a disappointment? It is probably the only fault I can give this game. 10 out of 10 for the game. Over the years since Forza Motorsport 1, I have seen this game go up and down over its journey to today, the final combination of off road (Dirt) and a very nice choice of cars and the expansive settings FH4 brings to the table is nothing short of outstanding, Playground have shown they actually have listened to feedback. Buuuuuut…

I would have thought the game developers would have considered expanding the replay of races at least a little bit, replays in Forza 1-7 show you camera angles you would expect from a “broadcast” experience, the Forza Horizon series has a replay mode, for which I am thankful, but, it’s a bit hard to show of your racing skills on a brilliant game when the replay only allows you to bolt a 10 foot pole to the roof of your car and strap a camera to it (and not alot of deviation from that with the other camera’s). Anyone else think they missed an opportunity here to really show the work that has gone into this masterpiece?


I guess there aren’t enough people who use replay feature and complain about it.

I had assumed that was the case, it seems like a missed opportunity that could have been quite easily integrated, I guess I’m one of the very few who like to every now and then sit back and admire the beauty. Races have come along away since my first racing game - Pole Position (think minecraft).


Good point, but i think there are too many events and track layouts to set fix cameras in each of them.

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Wasnt a problem with approximately the same numbers as in H3…

I agree, but given the detail of this game, how much work would have gone into it, I just think it might have quite a small feat considering the latter. I’ll be straight up, Grand Theft Auto 5 for Racing is actually pretty good, and a brilliant replay component with a very very sweet track editor. Not quite the same game, but, I look at these games and go, why didn’t Forza do something like this. In for penny, in for a pound.

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Defo agree.
Don’t broadcast style cam would be great.
Kick back, open a beer and enjoy dat replay.

The original Gran Turismo on the original PlayStation One had better replays.


Well, I suppose we are all different.

On a personal level, I play games to enable me to be doing something while I’m doing nothing, if you know what I mean.

This is watching TV is so boring, unless its a good box-set or movie.

So to watch a replay of something I’ve already done sort of doesn’t do it for me.

But, like I said that is me personally and I understand other may enjoy watching replays.

This would be nice for sure. Any new camera angles would be welcome as there’s only 2 good ones.

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It would be nice to be able to save replays and set up your own cameras, as it stands now Horizon replay is pretty useless.


Thats my point, why bother trying it all, it was pointed out earlier, that there is a lack of people using it, it could just be the reason why people aren’t using it, its pointless.


Here’s a couple of mock videos of some replays from Forza 4, and GTA 5 muckaround race.!AvJyusStmtLlazacpoiucW2zhI8

… I just think given this game is now sort of offline but online at the same time, this was a glaring omission.

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Think I watched a total of 3 or 4 replays, gave up as the camera positions are all basically the same, as somebody said a 10 foot pole on a swivel on your roof or your normal drive cams, pointless.

What we want and need is normal trackside / flyby cameras, then you get good videos.


I agree, they could have a few fixed cameras on some of the roads or around the festival at least although I appreciate the difficulty of putting fixed cameras for every event and especially cross country events.

I think a big missed opportunity was going all out on special replay cameras for the stunt driver story, it would’ve been nice to see a cut together mini film at the end of each chapter showing the role you played in the film.

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Replay cameras have always been one of the worst in all Forza games. They should just hire a TV professional and have them teach them how to do it.


They’re not really a problem in Forza Motorsport. Few people complain about it there. It’s just a Horizon problem.

As has been pointed out, it’s probably more tricky doing replay cameras in Horizon due to the nature of the races. In Forza Motorsport there’s a fixed number of tracks and configurations and you can set up camera angles around them. Horizon is just all over the place.

Something that doesn’t get mentioned, though, is how we can’t follow other cars in replays. In Motorsport you can switch which car you’re following but you can’t do it in Horizon for some reason.


You likely don’t race with people who watch motorsport then. We have been complaining about the FM replays for years.

There are PS2 games that have far superior replay systems, yet the FM replays have actually gotten worse over the years, as we went from being able to capture 40~ minutes back in FM3 to now being able to capture about 22 minutes before it breaks.

As for the topic of replays in Horizon, yes they need work but given what they have done with replays in the FM series I have basically zero hope so I haven’t worried about it much… A replay director system would be a great thing to test in the Horizon series and later implement in the Motorsport series.

A film director mode (like that used in Driver all the way back in 1999 or more recently The Crew 2) would be great, as right now the cameras we have aren’t all that useful.

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I miss good replays too but… this is a huge open world, so I understand it’s not easy to do a good job with replays. Maybe they could work around the “drone” idea. We could use the drone feature during replays in order to choose the best view, but I know this is practically impossible at the moment.

Aniway I miss another feature too: why this is the first Forza without the opportunity to save e publish the replays? Or I’m missing something here?

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I made a few crew2 videos for my channel out of the ingame replay and videoeditor, but for FH4 I can’t do it because there is no nice tv-like camera