It's time for a "Reclaim all/Relist" option for the Auction House

I am so sick and tired of having to reclaim cars one by one instead of reclaiming them all at once. Forza really needs to add a “reclaim all” or “relist” option because it’s extremely tedious


This will probably get locked and you’ll be re-directed to post it in the ‘Requested Features’ post. Regardless I agree 100% and apart from the sound bug and the garage capacity this is one of my biggest issues. Hopefully this gets noticed and implemented but your not the first person to suggest such a feature.

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Absolutely seconded. Reclaim all, Relist all, and, if I may add a suggestion, filter your garage by duplicates when starting an auction…that would make life infinitely easier. These features should have been kind of obvious with the huge amount of wheelspin duplicates the game keeps throwing at us.

I third that a relist option is definitely needed to be added the claim all cars option I never thought about but sounds great also saves the time also a credit option if you have a duplicate car from a wheelspin like we had in FH3

Actually we shouldn’t have to reclaim them at all.


I’m glad someone finally said. I mean I mentioned the reclaim taking extremely long to complete before but no one ever addressed it. Sometimes it can take a few seconds, other times it can take a whole minute. Its a very annoying process!

No. You must work for your trade margins. Suffer for your day trading. Mwa ha ha. Least racing related issue so bottom of list with it. Better route creation tools and options first

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