It's always a race for second?

Every I race I end up in it seems it’s just a race for second place. The first place drivatar leaves everyone in the dust. The best example I can give of this was a race on Mount Panorama. I finished second, my best lap time was about 2:23.3, every drivatar behind me was about the same. The Drivatar in first? 2:15.1 Seriously wth? Is this normal?! It happens every race and I figured this “advanced” system would think to tone it down a bit but nope.

Does anyone else experience this? Furthermore, is this being investigated because it seems like it should not happen that’s far out of proportion to the difficulty I have.

Look around, you will see this topic has been drained dry already. No, the runaway drivatars haven’t been fixed yet.
In lower difficulties, one or two drivatars of higher difficulty will be introduced in a race. If you are racing on easy and have an elite drivatar in there the difference in lap times will be more staggering.

In occurences, I was competing with drivatars running times in the top 20 on the leaderboards. Things have been easier once i put the difficulty at maximum, strangely. Still very difficult, don’t get me wrong, but the lead drivatar didn’t seem to pull away as much.

Hopefully a patch is coming with the next update. Fingers crossed.

Honestly I think as much of the problem is where you start each race: 12th position. The example I gave was an extreme (I had the difficulty at Unbeatable as I usually do) but sometimes the super Drivatar is matching my lap times. It would be nice if I could race with them but they’re always too far ahead by the time I get passed the slower ones.

I think if they bumped the default starting position to 8th rather than 12th that could act as a temp fix since it would mean we could at least get to the front before those pesky Super Drivatar’s run away. But hopefully a real fix comes soon, glad this is a mass problem that is hopefully being corrected.

EDIT: I have a new record for extreme disparities: Rio De Janeiro, I ran third. First place Drivatar had a lap time of 2:28.5, second 2:27. 8. my best time was 2:36.2, as was every other driver.

This really needs a fix, hopefully the next update does it because I’m going to declare this game-breaking as of now.

Yes, for those who are playing this game mainly for the single player elements, this can definitely be game-breaking. However, there are many game breaking elements depending on what you do:

Multiplayer hoppers: dirty racers not beign ghosted properly, frequent disconnects from lobbies, no custom publoc lobbies etc.

Leagues: ranking system flawed, not enough open league divisions at one time, not a system made for playing with friends.

Drag: details are beign removed from the game such as engine displacement, and drag leaderboards

Drift: players are beign booted for the game for being stationnary after 30 seconds. While it does help in the hoppers, in drift lobbies it means you cannot judge in a drift competition

Rivals: people you beat on rivals mode do not get notified when you do so

(All these topics have also been discussed at lenght here on the forums, you’ll see, whether in the tuning forums or general forums or elswhere)

And so on. Sorry to spoil it all for you, but knowing that, I hope you can find some positives in this game as I have. I think it is still a top game regardless of it’s flaws.

As for the fix, I am sure turn10 is working on it, as they are aware there is a problem and they have already attempted to alleviate the problem in a precedent update. Patience is key here.

I have beaten the runaway drivatar in several occasions, but it seems to be because it sometimes makes a couple of mistakes on the very last lap, and I have been able to capitalize on it.

Wish you the same luck.

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Haha we’ll see, like I said this is basically game-breaking for me. I just got destroyed by a Rolls Royce Wraith on Monza… Like really? It’s a great car I know but it has no place winning races. If I’m going to be “humbled” as the difficulty suggests, I’d like it if I wasn’t also embarrassed and made a joke of thanks.

There was one fix already released and it made some improvements but it is not fully fixed. It does seem, for me at least, to get worse in the higher levels. I tend to change difficulty based on what I’m doing. Career races are too short so I’m usually at Average but I’m like the run away against them. Bump up to Above Average however and then the drivatar run away is back in play and it is pointless. In Free Play I bump it up a bit higher as I go for longer races (12 lap Nurburgring full) and so have plenty of time to catch and pass any runaways. This still needs further investigation and correction by the devs though.

I am a bit late to the party. I just got FM6 and noticed the 1st place guy way out front. Din’t know it was an issue as I haven’t been visiting the forums. I’ve been gently smashing my way to the front on the first corner (with realistic damage on). If I can get at least 5th place after the first corner, then it’s fun trying to chase down the 1st place car. Sometimes - usually in the rain, he (or she) makes a mistake and I can overtake. Usually, I get 2nd and sometimes 1st. Its frustrating but more fun that FM4 where I was running away on the hardest difficulty. And I am an average racer.

I dunno. I am the runaway driver in any Above Average race. If I bump to Highly Skilled, I will definitely come in second. Starting 12th is a total crock, though. If you’re in a series, the first race could see you starting mid pack, but each one after that should be based on the cumulative finish positions. Place second on first race, start second on the next race. Place first a few times and you should be “locked in” to pole position.

That sounds like a great idea actually.

This game’s drivatars may be bad, but Horizon 2’s were far worse. Checkpoints only applied to you, and a 400 hp car would get smoked by a 250 hp drivatar in a straight line.

Hmm I don’t get this runaway drivatar anymore, I used to be through all the updates it seems to have fixed itself for me. I run unbeatable drivatars, maybe that’s why?

Having done more Career races recently, I have noticed some quirks with the AI.

When you are in the pack, the lead drivers will be faster, sometimes to the point where you have “runaway AI”. If you get ahead of the leaders early on though, they seem to simply “give up”, fall back into the pack and you instead become the runaway driver. I have raced a lead AI and matched their laptimes to the nearest half second, but once I pass them they suddenly become 2 seconds slower.

I have had times in Career where I have finished 300ft behind 1st place and then 3000ft ahead of 2nd in the next race.


I have noticed the exact same. Also, if you’re close behind, say 300 ft, the 1st place drivatar will likely make mistakes on the last lap to give you opportunities.

I noticed the same things others have said. The guy in 1st will be much quicker than the rest of the AI cars until you pass it. Then usually, but not always, it’ll slow right down.

I’ve noticed the same. I use the Longshot mod and by the time I get to 3rd, the person in 1st is a good 1,000+ feet ahead. I’m a pretty aggressive driver (not corner-cutting aggressive but I go around turns pretty aggressively) so I am usually caught up by 2nd or 3rd lap depending on the track.

It definitely can be seen where the front AI is trying to run and if you can navigate away from the pack within the first one or two turns you then can catch and pass the leader and then they give up and you smoke them all. It is almost like the solution to the runaway was to bring in some heavy rubber banding to give you the chance. I have also noticed you can catch them quicker if you stay clean, any bumping/slamming and they run even faster to increase the gap and not just ‘I’m at speed while you are caught in the pack’ type gap increase.