It's a shame this game can't have a destruction derby mode

This game has a “simulation” (I put simulation in parenthesis because we know it isn’t simulation when it comes to the damage models, but to how the car functions when it’s damaged in certain spots.) damage option yet there’s absolutely no reason to have it on ever. It even turns it off by default in any of the online modes. So, what’s the point of having it? It also feels really cheap to have it on in something like a CC race with all of those huge jumps that you’ll have no choice but to take damage from the landings. The Eliminator is a pretty hollow attempt to capitalize on the FPS craze in car form, when car-based battle royal games have been around for a long time in the form of destruction derbies. Would be great for this game to put that “simulation” damage to use and actually give people a reason to play bumper cars all day in a mode where playing bumper cars is actually intended.

I don’t know if a car can be damaged so badly in this game that it stops working entirely. They probably can’t for the same reason we’ll never get this mode, but a destruction derby mode would arguably be less luck-based, since it’s using the already built-in “simulation” damage system, which is something that more skilled players would be able to manipulate to their advantage, and more fun for the majority of the players compared to the Eliminator, since a lot of players in this game love to play bumper cars and not use brakes in races and all of it would be happening in a static arena similar to the playground games mode and the whole point is to excessively crash into other players so there’d be no reason to get annoyed about ramming. And it’d be a great way for players to let off some steam.

For Christ’s sake, this game has a full stadium that could easily be turned into a destruction derby arena, and the other PGG arenas wouldn’t work too badly with a little bit of tweaking either. I know all of the featured manufactures in this game would have heart attacks seeing all of their cars being sent through the grinder in a mode like this, but it’s not like the damage in this game is anywhere near realistic. Anyone with a brain isn’t going to think any less of any of the cars when playing with them in a bumper car mode.

At the very least, it’d maybe be nice if they threw some unlicensed, made-up cars into the game that you can only use in this kind of mode just to have it in the game. I know this game is supposed to be a celebration of cars, but it’s also a celebration of driving disciplines as well, and I think destruction derby is a discipline that deserves just as much fan-fare as any other. Plus, games are supposed to be fun, and I can’t really see a mode like this not being fun for most players in a game that’s supposed to be half sim half arcade when done right, especially when compared to the Eliminator. But what do you guys think?

I think this game is well over due for some new big feature. If that’s destruction derby and if it’s fun then heck yeah. But they need to do something.

Buy Wreckfest.

Don’t. It’s terrible. I tried it and won my first ever game. It’s soooo dumb.

Well you think PG version will be better? It would use the damage that you have now… same everything, apart from damage bars, and then it would get the damage bars wrong for who hit who.

Who knows. All I’m saying is they need to add some big new feature that’s fun. If that’s this and if they execute it well then bring it on. Like who would of thought eliminator would turn out so well in FH4.

its does and its called Trial!


Destruction derby mode without deformable and removable car parts? lol, yup, dreams are free at least. Some people ask for some things… dude, just go back to Wreckfest.

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Alright, if you could actually lock your own posts, I would do that because its clear no one on this forum wants to have a discussion about the possibilities in this game and suggest ways in which things could improve. I gave a clear and concise post about a fun possibility that could be added and instead of reading and actually responding people just toss comments of throwaway levels as well as just insults from the notorious George who’s always running around these forums with a defeatist attitude while contributing nothing but negative energy. It’s fine to criticism the game and I understand why you’re unhappy with it but you go way too far with bashing other people all of the time. Anon was the only person that gave any real input, as this game does need something new to pump some life into it, and regardless of whether or not the mode would be better or worse than Wreck Fest, (which I don’t play btw) it doesn’t matter. It would be Forza’s take on another driving discipline, which is the point. A different take and experience that could still work in a game like this. Regardless of whether the Eliminator is better than other BR modes, it’s Forza’s current BR mode, and that’s what matters here. FH4 may have never actually gotten the Eliminator if the attitude was “Just go play Apex Legends”, and there are people out there who like the Eliminator even if I’m not one of those people. Plus, destruction derby is more synonymous with what an actual car BR is. Hence WHY games like Wreck Fest exist. >.> I’m simply offering other possible possibilities and discussions. The Devs (should) have the talent, and they definitely have the resources to make something like that happen. Does anyone actually want to read the whole post, grow up and actually have a fun discussion on the possibility being proposed here as well as the points I made as a way to shake up this rather dry game? It’s simply just a proposal and speculation.

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Fh5 isnt about destruction. Yes there are enviromental destructive elements but they are not the cars itself.

Play BeamNGdrive or wreckfest instead.

The Forza franchise/s center around competitive motorsport. For me, Horizon already pushes the boundaries too far. Just consider the diversity already in the game from circuit racing to silly stunts. I would rather they concentrated on developing what is already there than adding more and more peripheral stuff.

Don’t know what’s your trial experience, but I’ve been on receiving end of many trials, that make Wreckfest look like strict, by the book clean racing.

But if you insist, do get a Wreckfest though.

All it needs is an endingscreen with all drivers+damaged cars after the race… quite common in online to reach the finishline and my car looks like destruction derby… “safest” place is miles in front