It's a good job this game was free

Its a broken mess.

Latest eliminator challenge would be absolutely fine if I was able to challenge anyone.

Hopefully they will get stuff sorted, but at this point I get the impression PAINGOD is in charge.:joy:

Free for gamepass users. Bear in mind several gamepass users still preordered the game. Not to mention all those without gamepass who purchased the game. They must feel robbed ATM.

Imagine purchasing cyberpunk then purchasing this lol. You would never purchase a game ever again.

Technically it’s not free as you still need to pay for Game Pass but I imagine most people already had it anyway so it made no difference.

Personally, I have Game Pass but still chose to buy the game knowing it will leave GP and the Store at some point so I can play it further down the line if I want. Whilst I am starting to get a little bored already (mainly as I only play Solo except for Seasonals), I don’t consider myself robbed as I have put in nearly 100 hours so far and, by the end of it’s life I’m sure I will have put in over 1000, if not more. Now consider that the average Blu-Ray movie is, what, $15 maybe? So, 6 Blu-Ray movies for the price of 1 game yet will have vastly inferior viewing. If I’d spent the money I did and gotten like 10 hours out of it or something, then maybe.

Admittedly, some of my boredom is down to trying to work out which Accolades are bugged etc but still, the game is playable

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sp works just fine, you can complete campaign without major issues, i only have one breaking bug, where v10 storyline is locked despite completing the objective, i never really cared about mp in a racing game, so for 1$ for 3 months it’s a bargain
i know I’ll probably not even bother playing this in 3 month time anyway, same was with every forza game I’ve ever played

It will be never free.

Gamepass would cost me more than buying it anyway after 3 years of play.