With every drive-retard that had pushed me out of the way for no reason, cleary and unfairly cheated by not going through the checkpoints and using some god-forsaken nitrous boost, try to take me out to no avail and myself trying to retaliate racing against brick walls, I’ve done it…completed every Exhibition race and every Championship race route in Forza Horizon 3. Got the rare achievements and all. I have to say that my sheer determination to give myself the hardest challenge possible was well worth it in the end. This was all accomplished without any assists (of course), Unbeatable difficulty, no rewinds and normal steering because sim steering is terrible in this game, surprisingly has been fixed yet. It has by far been the most gratifying achievement, in the game by far. Thank you drivatards for almost making me want to uninstall the game and forget it ever existed and I thank myself for being relentless, determined and motivated to get this done. Now, maybe I can enjoy the game =)

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13337 … your Forza Total says it all champ hehehe xD