Issuing a Challenge

This was actually something I wanted to write into the devs about for a Forzathon event.

Australian Survivalist Challenge

Clear the Endurance Hero Achievement with a slight twist.

Exhibition race with 25 laps and a rolling time of day against pro drivers… On the Goliath Circuit in Byron Bay.

That would take 5-6 hours for my A Class Cars. They Better reward you with a Shelby Cobra, and Daytona. lol

How boring
Then what happens when the game freezes at lap 19 like it has happened so many times
A lot of unhappy people

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Even though I love endurance racing, I’d still have to pass. I wouldn’t do more than 10-12 laps max on Goliath because of concerns over the game potentially crashing during extremely long races.

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Yep. I’ll skip this challenge thanks. My game froze up in sp free play. No way I would try and do 25 laps of Goliath and potentially receive nothing. But lost time.


I have cut back to 2 laps using different cars without HE bonus.

My therapist thinks its the only way.

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That’s exactly how I got that achievement. I only do 25 lap grind sessions of goliath per sitting. Takes 4 hours with my Huracan HE. It nets 3 million xp.