Issues with turning

Been doing the drift events in the Hoonigan Mustang. What I’ve noticed, mostly on the dirt tracks, the steering just doesnt seem to respond. I’ll turn right to countersteer and transition into the next corner, yet the car doesnt do anything. So I tap the e-brake or the brake to help it, and then it spins out. Even on regular roads, there is times where the wheel wont go right at all, even though I’m holding the stick to the right and going straight. Anyone else running into this problem? I had it happen on an STI also, so I know it’s not the Mustang that’s the problem.


I get this a lot. But I get it with most cars. It’s got to the point I bought a new controller thinking it was that but no so I have to have rewind on for racing and it’s only turning right that now and again doesn’t respond. I thought it was just me

Glad I’m not the only one lol. I was getting so frustrated because I only had tight, off-road drift zones left to do, and because it wouldn’t turn right, I kept failing them. I tested it on a regular road, held my stick right, and it just kept going straight. Hopefully they can get this fixed soon.

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I’m getting the same issue, turning right or left… car just goes straight. I really hope they fix this.

Started having this happen to me since yesterday or the day before, just cant seem to turn anymore, I also thought it was my controllers.

You guys have switched off your traction control, right?
Edit, you need ABS on.

ABS ON, traction control OFF.

To start, I don’t usually post on forums.

So with that in mind read this: tuning is your best friend. The car I want take 5o every event is the 15 Camaro. Would not turn at all, she also looked to slide a lot. So I went into tuning.
1.took tires to 20 psi,
2. increased braking pressure,
3.made my roll bars max stiff.
4.Softened the springs in the front, kept the stiffness in the rear.
now she turns on a dime. against the drivatars at I think it’s called highly skilled she keeps up with bugattis and lambos.
Mind you she’s fully upgraded rocking a v12 and stuff

TLDR: Play around with the tuning it helps so much. I was intimidated with it at first.

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Bear this in mind: if you want to throw the brake bias all the way to the rear wheels, the slider in the tuning screen is reversed from what is otherwise intuitive. To increase bias on the rear wheels, you have to move the slider positively to Front.

Anyone who moved the slider to Rear brakes has in fact increased brake pressure bias to the front brakes, which will lock up the front tires and kill your ability to turn.

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Hoonigan Mustang is AWD, yes?
This is why you can’t drift. AWD don’t drift, they more just “powerslide”. Turning in on a drift causes the car to simply “grip and go” in that direction. Get a RWD and drift properly.

Is the new one AWD by default? I swear I had to swap it before. In any case, AWD with the power set 80-90% to the rear via differential will easily drift. With enough power a lower rear bias can work. Having just a little bit of front drive goes a long way towards helping with stability, control, and recovery in my experience. It’s probably not ideal for pros, but it might be good for novices and those with just a cursory interest.

Im having a similar issue with all of my cars that only started happening after I got the Speed champions expansion, they just wont react on any of the races, Ive tried changing the settings, but nothing works

Same here! It’s not as bad when I use the controller but it is impossible to drift with a wheel. I really hope they fix this issue because drifting is one of the best parts of forza games. Drifting on Motorsport 7 is super satisfying and I have no idea why they didn’t just keep the physics the same on horizon 4. Also I’m pretty sure that it the wheel doesn’t turn all of the way after 50mph. I hope forza sees this and fixes this issue because it ruins a big part of the game!