Issues with my Thrustmaster 458 Italia on PC

Purchased this wheel a few days ago, other than the complete lack of a control panel that lets you modify wheel degree, sensitivity, etc., it works fine. Works in games like assetto corsa competizione, etc. However, for some reason I am having an extreme sensitivity issue on fh4, where even a 5 degree turn results in a full turn in game. Changing wheel sensitivity (even to 0) does little to nothing, and there’s only so much I can do with wheel deadzone. Does anybody have any idea how to further turn down the sensitivity? I really want to use my wheel but this game seems to have very little support for wheels.

You need to get the Thrustmaster control panel working for it ASAP. Go to their website, and see if you can download appropriate drivers for it. Once that works, you’ll be in a far better position to modify the controls and feedback more to your liking.