Issues I've Found

Issues I’ve Found:

Selecting cars for painting you don’t own makes them invisible. - My workaround: Select decals then go back.

Forza Edition cars not correctly showing the credit/XP bonuses for each car.

Paint jobs I’ve shared disappeared from My Designs yet still appears when you search for designs.

Paint jobs I’ve created showing wrong design in preview but when you load the design it appears correctly on the car.

VIP badge not showing correctly - FIXED

Paint job glitch on previous colour selection.


Cars getting head starts.

Cars allowed above division index (I’m not sure if this is allowed online, I’m on about the Lamborghini lobby)

Xbox Gamertags not showing correctly during race/lobby/podium screen (also does this on single player)


“Mixed Advanced - Crate” should be “Mixed Crate - Advanced”

Rare Mod “Not even close” says “Finish 200 ahead” rather than “Finish 200 meters ahead”


I’m not sure if this is an issue as such, but the “Large Mystery Crate” is the same value of the “Mixed Crate - Elite” yet in the description for the Large Mystery Crate says the items are less rare which doesn’t seem right to me, but it does say “Guaranteed 4 items” which I’m not sure indicates you might get more than 4 items but I only got 4.

If I find more issues then hopefully I can edit my post or post them here.

-WcG iFredy29

Found more issues.