Issue's and things I don't like

After the hotfix, I’ve noticed several graphics bugs, texture issues. Grass loading in on bridges, roads disappearing, then reappearing, and the tire smoke, where as before there were big, beautiful plumes billowing from the tires, now there’s just big puffs that look very low quality. And I miss the old forzathon. This “arcade” is just… pointless. Can never get enough people to successfully complete one, I’m missing several accolades, despite having completed the necessary requirements SEVERAL times. Also, whenever I run into other players, they are all stopped at a standstill, even though I can hear their engine racing and hear tire squealing. Still not seeing my double points for being VIP, and the fact that they are getting rid of the weekly loyalty rewards is a slap to the face for all of us who have been playing Forza for all these years. And what’s with the wheels straightening when I go into photomode? I was trying to get a picture of one of my cars drifting, and mid drift, when I switched to photomode, the front wheels went from full opposite lock to straight. That’s infuriating.

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