Issue with Subaru Spec League: Unfair Advantage

I have just recently noticed that the force off friction assist has been set to “No” instead of “Yes” and so people have used this to gain an unfair advantage. I hope this issue can be resolved soon so that everybody has a chance to compete fairly. Thank you.


Agreed. I got bumped off into the grass with 2 others at T1 and 1 guy had no rotation or any sort of traction issues so just drove on like it never happened.

Even without friction assist the grass is too grippy. I’ve seen people extend onto the grass on Sonoma and pull away from people who stick to the racing surface.

It’s not really unfair if everyone can do it.

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This is the attitude that makes small exploits into game breaking ones.


Regardless of what No True Scotsman might want to do, it’s still not really unfair.

This doesn’t appear to be an exploit of any size.

The Scotsman I know if you put 10 bucks at the end of the track he would mow the grass on each corner and jump the tires just to get there first. Friction Assist or not.

No decent driver would want to turn that on. Stooping to their level is not the answer. Just helps corner cutters do their thing, some us prefer to stay on the track.


Should be permanantly disabled for multiplayer


It should never have been added in the first place.


This. Worst thing in a racing game ive seen.

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Just like Autobrake.


Explains why it was impossible to keep up with them in corners yesterday when we raced in the rain. I wondered how they could keep such cornering speeds.

If it’s legal people will use it as it can help optimise their chances of winning. That’s the very definition of playing to win.

That being said it shouldn’t be legal, definitely not at the Band Rossi is racing in (Pinnacle).


Friction assist shouldn’t be in the game full stop. I was hoping for penalties for cutting but what we have is the complete opposite in taking away any consequence of track extending.
Again, it seems T10 are more interested in keeping the casual players happy by not punishing intentional crashing and now promoting running off the track. Where is the incentive to be clean and improve?
Did they really not think that it would be abused in multiplayer?


It’s the same for the rsr spec league, friction assit can be used. We was assured this feature would only be in beginner hoppers and carrer mode not pinnicle leagues. T10 are making us look like right idiots compared to other racing games that challenge it’s players


That’s a shame.

Oh well, abuse it while it’s legal I guess.

I like the idea of a “beginners hopper” in League Racing but I’d expect it to be locked at Grassroots and unplayable once you’ve moved up to next level. Assisted braking, super easy steering, friction assist all legal - some beginners would use it, most wouldn’t, but anyone who’s good enough they don’t really need those assists and is playing purely to win races would promote up out of Grassroots after just a few dozen races.

For folks who really like the depth of detail and rich experience of FM7 but just really are that bad at hand-eye coordination, track/turn memory, or whatever, FM7 with all assists allowed seems like a great gaming platform.

I saw the same thing in FM6: the intro hopper usually had a few skilled regulars just camping on the podium and pushing the true beginners to DNF every race. Now that FM7 is out, I checked in on the intro hopper in FM6 and guess what - it’s dominated by true beginners and they are taking podiums. Good on 'em.

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What beginner hopper are u referring too. Lambo hopper has fa disabled

I assume he’s talking about the C class beginner ghost lobby.