Issue with free play mode not saving profile settings

I just tried out a couple of free play races to see if cockpit view would finally be back in splitscreen game play, which it unfortunately is not, but I suppose thats a complaint for another thread, anyway all of my custom assist settings stayed the same and worked, as well as my drivatar difficulty, but my shifter button swap wouldn’t save/carry over from career and test drives and what not, since forza 4 I’ve always swapped my shift up/down buttons so X is shift up and B is down and it’s a tad inconvenient to have to change back only for free play. It doesnt make particular sense as all of my other profile settings such as assists and drivatar difficulty saved, and when I finish a race the winnings and experience are still saved to my career profile, so why wouldn’t that one controller option carry over? Does anyone else even swap their shift buttons/see that as a problem? If not I imagine I’m gonna be S.O.L but it’d be nice to see this addressed (also the no cockpit in splitscreen as thats the only way I can properly drive plus have fun racing friends and family =P but again, that’s a different battle and probably not a glitch, just a lack of the feature.)