Issue: Windows Store "ultimate add-ons bundle" doesn't apply in-game?

Hi all,

I own FH4 Standard in windows store - I also recently bought FH4 “ultimate add-ons bundle” in windows store… All the content appears as expected in the store for my MS account…

However… when launching game most of the Ultimate content isn’t accessible. Only the 2 expansions (Fortune and Lego) are unlocked.

The game doesn’t think I own the DLC car packs, VIP, etc.

I’ve tried resetting the windows app, reinstalling multiple times, moving the save file and starting a new game - none fix the issue.

At the moment I can’t access the content I’ve paid for and that even appears attached to my MS account.

Does anyone know a fix? Know anything else to try?

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed some strange things recently as well. For instance, I bought the car pass, yet it does not show that I own it in my list of addons and I also have to purchase all car packs again from the store. I have already bought them all once, I don’t mind investing in a game, but when I see shady things like this it really does lead me to question the integrity of the company.
It would be nice to hear some official response, but I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for one. I will withhold future investments in the franchise though.

I started Forza Horizon 4 on Gamepass on Xbox and just bought the Ultimate Edition on Friday since it was on sale.

As far as I can tell, and they do not make this clear, the only downloaded content that auto-installs and shows up in the game, is the two add-ons. Cars are bought, downloaded, and then there’s an extra step installing in the game…they don’t auto show up in the garage…

There’s a DLC Cars button on the Horizon Life (I think) screen…open it up and shows all the DLC Cars…if you look at the bottom of the screen, there’s options and one is “Download (or Install) All Owned Cars”. Use that and all the cars for Car Pass should show up in the garage.
Any car packs you own with Ultimate can be installed by going to the Store menu and installing the pack.

2.5 years later and you guys come in without a clue

you need to make sure all your dlc is installed, its not automatic

also for the cars from the car pass you need to go to autoshow and collect all cars from the dlc section

I have the DLC installed via windows store. When I go to the Autoshow for the DLC cars it says I need to pay for them - the windows store login opens, I login, then there’s an error saying I already own the content.

So it knows the account owns the content, I just can’t access it in-game.

Same goes for VIP pass.

Yep, I decided to see what happens if I tried to buy the car pass again, not that I was going to actually pay for it again.
What happened, after clicking on the install button, the store opened, showing the buy now button. I clicked on the buy now, knowing I would have to confirm the purchase, so I was safe from a double purchase. I got an error saying the content was not currently available. It didn’t say I already owned it, just that it was not available.
The problem the cheerleader doesn’t recognize is if during a work around to fix a broken game we need to uninstall it. Now we are faced with having to purchase our already paid for content again.
Yes, after 2.5 years, I fully understand how to install my purchases, but if I ever have to uninstall it, the game does not recognize I already own it. I’ve already had to uninstall it once as part of a work around to fix what they refuse to, but I will not pay double for DLC.

I have same issue.

On your Windows 10 Computer when you Go into Apps and Settings, find Forza Horizon 4 ( Ultima Edition or whichever you have installed )
when you click advanced Options all your individually installed Carpacks and other apps like VIP pass should be there showing as installed ( I have 50 items in this list )
You can individually try to uninstall/reinstall these components.

Also worth trying to reset your Microsoft store app if you think it doesn’t behave as it should.

Only other thing I can think of might be a conflict with several separate potential Windows Live accounts ?

Yes I see both FH4 Standard Bundle (game and drift cars pack) and the the Ultimate Addons Bundle (all the car packs, VIP, expansions, etc) all in my windows store account.

In Settings > Apps, I can see FH4 with 49 items in the list, they all are installed.

When I load the game I can access none of that content. If I attempt to buy it (like a car DLC pack) I get a windows store error saying I already own it.

I am facing the same issue! All installed correctly, including the map, but non can be accessed in the game. Please Help!