Issue syncing designs from FH3?

Is anyone else hanging on the ‘Syncing data - We should be done soon!’ dialog that comes up? (Windows 10)

I have a fair amount of designs on FH3 I’d like to bring into FH4. Some are iconic British brands, so would fit right in! (They also seem to make me a fair amount of cash in FH3 so worth importing) but I never get past 0% on this dialog. I can’t be the only one?

FM7 liveries (the only 1 I’ve made) imports fine…

I’m on Xbox and not had any Syncing issues between games as yet.

A couple of other regulars have had issues ‘re-syncing’ with previous titles but not sure if yours is the same issue or a new one.

Might be worth starting a ticket with the new support feature if it continues.

I’ve had no issues importing from Horizon 3.

Mine hung for quite awhile but finally went through, my biggest issue is that a very large portion of my designs from FM7 and FH3 just aren’t showing up and even if I switch to FH3 and try to look at them it just seems to endlessly try to load

Something similar. It has only imported a small part of FH3 liveries and no way to import manually. Even I reinstalled the game whith similar results.

Same here. Not 50% of my Designs where imported.
Same with tunings. missing alot there too.

Nothing is imported automatically. You have to individually import designs one at a time by selecting them from previous game design save files.

The reason why some of the designs wont show up is because they have other peoples vinyls or decals in them.

Currently Not Working For me At All. I made Some Nice Liveries in FH3 And Fh2 That id like to import to FH4 But Fh4 keeps Showing Me The FH4 Liveries For All Games When im Trying To Import (even Motorsport 7-5 despite me never owning and Playing any Motorsport title)
Its Like This: im in My Desings i Press RB to switch To FH3 While having to go over FM7 , the Syncronising Window Pops Up , gets Stuck For A Second and Then In The FM7 Section (That Should Be Empty) it Shows Me The Same Liveries That i made In FH4, same with all Other Sections.

Ive Written a Ticket Befir To Forza Support But they Only Included My Data Into their Issue Research. They Dont have A Fix So far.

Having the same issues over here for FH3 liveries and tunes - Didn’t even get a synchronizing message when I tried earlier. Hope it’ll be fixed soon!

Here’s a new fun fact: Vinyl import seems to be working in the Cloud version of the game. I think they must be using XBox Series hardware on the backend now, the lag also seemed to be quite a bit less than it used to be.