Issue sharing a design

Hey guys, I have created a design i wish to share but it will not allow me to.

I did a design that featured a few of other users vinyl groups, but after a while I deleted them and recreated them myself.

As its stands each layer is my own creation with no content from any other user, yet i still get the padlock symbol when i view it in ‘my designs.’

Is there any way to fix this without having to scrap the design and start from scratch?

pretty sure when you add another’s vinyl it cancels out the share option… assuming you recreated all of the vinyls yourself you should just be able to save them individually, delete all paint/layers from the vehicle and replace where the vinyls were before… shouldn’t have to start from scratch that way just cut and paste

Unfortunately I didn’t have the forethought to create everything as a vinyl group, everything is in situ on the car itself.

I haven’t tried, but is there a way to copy a group of layers off the cat and pasting them into the vinyl group editor?

If not, it’ll be back to the drawing board for me!

Never mind, grouping all the layers in each surface has somehow done the trick.

The livery is now shared. Thanks for the info Pistol Poet!

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