Issue on FH4 - LEGO Speed Champion AddOn

Hello @ all,

I had since a few month a issue to continue in the gameplay on the LEGO SC-addon. The issue comes suddenly, nothing is crashed or anything. It happens on PC and XBOX.

The issue is following:

I collect the needed LEGO bricks and become the information, I must go to my house to start building the new house extension. But when I go into it, I comes only to the main menu (my cars, design, etc.). The issue is not very heavy, I had the LEGO addon only to complete the collection but after my last profile damages, it was much forward than now.

Here the pics of my status.


What can I do WITHOUT RESET the game.

THX and nice day to all!

Sounds like you’re pressing the wrong button on your controller. You press the button with the 2 squares on to build not the menu button.

It’s listed on the Known Issues Page

Try driving to your House and enter

Best option is:

Ok, the issue is not to fix without profile reset.

So I lost 725 cars (all uniqe, no doubles) and must start at zero and must unlock everything. I reset on Friday and drive the complete weekend (with support from my kids! I’m a lucky dad :slight_smile: ) and now I wait for the compensation from the support. I hope they are development a new “compensation-mode” and give me all my cars back… and then can the spin their wheels spins by them self :wink: Otherwise I must collect every car new - from the last crash to the final point with my collection and unlock everything It takes 9 month. I lost at the last “reset” (there was an synchronizes issue and I lost cars, money and xp - I must reset with the report for three times until it works… horrible) everything - my designer & tuner level (from 13 designer and tuner 10 back to 0, now I come as designer to lvl. 11, tuner to 5 and now - 0 again. That’s not so cool. But it’s nice to see the game-intro vids…

@PinkiePie4997: Thx for your solution!
@PandemicBow2072: Thx for your answer - but it wasn’t a user-issue. :slight_smile: