Issue: Join a ranked team-adventure with a convoy

I play the game with my friends on the pc. I want to play ranked team-adventure with my convoy but it doesn’t worked fine.The problem is to find a ranked team-adventure. If the convoy leader search for a game the teammates get the message that the leader is searching for a game-lobby. After 5-10 mins the team leader find a match and can accept it. The other Teammates in the convoy don’t get the popup message to join the game. If the convoy-leader accept the game and 12/12 player were found he leaves the convoy and play the ranked team-adventure. But not the teammates. The teammates are in the Horizon Life and cant play the team-adventure.
This is a big minus. So please fix it. I don’t think that we’re the only ones with the problem.

I will be happy to receive feedback. I am interested if the bug was already known or if we are the only ones who have this problem. Maybe the community has a simple solution for us.
Please let me know when this bug is fixed.

The NAT-Type isn’t the problem we have tested it with open and medium state.


you are not the only one, I haven’t be able to join a ranked team-adventure with my convoy since the beginning. And I have often to wait a long time to join a race when I’m playing alone.


I play with my friend in convoy often too. For us its working fine if the first game that is found is accepted by all players. If its not and it searches again then a game is found for the convoy leader and not for me. Its very annoying.


Any update on this issue?
Tried it 4 times with the convoy, 4 times it slipped the first session found and then launches the next one only for the leader, leaving the convoy behind.

Would really like to do this with my team / convoy, but right now it is impossible.

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We found a way to play ranked adventure together in a convoy. Every teammate must send a chat message when he gets the popup. We join the game only when everyone got the popup. When someone didn’t get the popup, leader starts matchmaking again. It works every time but search time is often long.


Thanks for your sharing.
May I ask how many people in you convoy? Have you tried 6? so all of you guys are on the same team?

There was a maximum of 4 players in our convoy. I think it should work with 6. It doesn’t matter what teams are you in.