Issue: Easy mode is TOO easy

Normally, I drive my cars with difficulty set fairly high. But, last night, out of curiosity, I joined an online game with my difficulty set to easy. And, easy was an understatement. In pretty much all races, the car practically drove itself. I came in first in every race and won by huge margins. I expected the XP and CR to at least be significantly lower, because of the difficulty, but it wasn’t. I ended up being at the top of the XP list by huge margins, enough so that other players were complaining.

If it is so easy to win in online games using easy mode, what’s the advantage to setting a higher difficulty?

(Oh yeah, and I frequently get the ‘controller disconnected’ cold restart bug - which basically makes the game unusable for longer play sessions.)

It’s just so noobs and the unskilled can still have fun with the game online, and not get left behind.

I play with the difficulty maxed because it’s more fun for me, not because I get a pile of cash/XP. Just my 2¢.

Ppl who turn off damage so they can wallride with impunity must be destroyed, though :stuck_out_tongue:

B Wald

Edit: my controller disconnects occasionally too, but has never failed to reconnect when I press ‘A’. I understand this isn’t the case for most ppl.

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I’m racing against unbeatable…definitely takes some concentration on that mode to complete

I raced on Highly Skilled and it was too easy so I bumped it up a notch or two depending on how I’m feeling at the time (either Pro or Unbeatable). I haven’t tried easy, and doubt I will unless forced. I simply don’t like winning by minutes at a time, there’s no fun or challenge - I already beat the AI by 10 to 15 seconds as it is one some races.

Well increase your difficulty if easy is to easy for you , simples !

I always play on average

Are people here even reading the thread before posting? -.-

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If easy is too easy for you then good for you but there will be people out there who can only win on easy so quit complaining about something that doesn’t need to affect you turn it up put it on unbeatable then see how easy that is.

People with disabilities may need easy mode think about that :\

Surely when you’re racing against other actual people it doesn’t matter what your settings are on? If you’re good, you’ll still beat players who are all assists easy everything players?
As for the controller bug, i’ve never had it. Works fine every time i press A to reconnect. I think it’s a preview dash problem though.

Do I understand it correctly that when I drive in to a car meet I will be matched together with others who have the same difficulty settings like myself?

Sorry for my bad English.

People need to read the post before answering.

But yeah, they have made the game approachable for all players. I know some people who struggle with sim style racing but these assists allow them to play the game.
I play with manual gears and all assists off as it’s more challenging and fun, not to get significant bonuses.
The only thing I turn off is damage as too many people crash into me.
I don’t have any problem if other players wish to use the assists, it doesn’t make any difference to me.