Isolation Escape (Community Suggestions)

Hope everyone’s keeping safe and well just now during these times.

After making use of the time spent indoors to watch too many car reviews, I’ve decided to create a route and a list of cars that I’ve always wanted to drive. Instead of the typical “car of the year” award… think of it as my “car of the game”.

I’ve put together a few routes on Fortune Island and will be working my way through things - if you’d like to join me at any point for a drive then just ping me an invite or PM on Xbox - GT: Alasdair JCW.

Feel free to join me in whichever car you fancy - it’s not a race for me and it’s always great to enjoy a nice drive with company.

I’d also welcome any routes that others have made up. Feel free to post them below and we can help each other beat the lockdown boredom. :+1:t2:


Thank you, nice route and I got a perfect car for it, super loud and super slow C class Abarth 124 :slight_smile:

Thanks OP. I always appreciate people who make the effort, to make blueprints. I try and race 10-15 custom blueprints a day, under the “friends and followed” and the “new” tab. Sometimes I’ll find and actual race under the “trending today” tab…sometimes. Lol :joy:

Speaking of custom routes, click on the link in my sig and you’ll find my custom route/blueprint thread in the racers lounge. Scroll to the top of the thread and you’ll have a total of 140 blueprints at your disposal. Share codes and descriptions given for each one. More to come.

The racers lounge is also the source of other great route creating people.

I try to “like” each blueprint I try as I think it supports and motivates more custom routes.

Hope that helps your isolation plan. Haha.

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Link added as a favourite on my browser. Thanks for that.

140 odd blueprints sounds like a nice follow-up project once I’m through my car list.

Glad you enjoyed it El Barto. Love the little Abarth. One of my favourite cars on the route just now is the 2005 Elise 111S.

I might just finish FH3, I never really did a lot in that, don’t think I 3 starred any of the drift zones.

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I have finished all the Bucket list in FH3 now, only 1.5% people finished it according to the stats. It’s actually great to get back to FH3 to allow the car to roll over multiple times, and to have Drift Zones where you are scoring even when on the grass… wide Drift Zones. Some of the tasks are very hard though as well.

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Phone just gave me this as a suggestion … Alpine A110 Endurance Rally Stage - 32 Mile Elmsdon Super Stage - Forza Horizon 4 - YouTube
Share code 924 574 177
Great rally stage, my Ford Prerunner truck enjoyed it :slight_smile:

And also my vid: Forza Horizon 4, Fun with Ford F-150 Prerunner DD on 50km rally stage - YouTube

Sadly Youtube destroys a nice looking vid - uploaded full HD res vid, but it doesn’t look like it.

Just ran the summer one in A class Modern Rally. Great route, a great drive!

Thanks for sharing!

Well…not sure how many fast and furious fans are isolating but I just made a Tokyo drift final race remake on fortune island:

Tokyo Drift: The Final Race Remake (FORTUNE ISLAND)(Nissan 350 z, ‘68 mustang fastback)
Share code: 692 393 684

3.3 miles using the needle decent. I’ll be adding this route to my list, in the racers lounge, at a later date FYI.