Isha's Taxi's Leaderboards

Hi there, just finished the Isha’s Taxi’s Business Storylines & I have come across some imposible times on the leaderboards.

First the dragstrip on Chapter 5.

That taxi must have a jet engine in the back to reach 1000mph+

Secondly, the 12km to Edinburgh, theres NO WAY you can drive a Limo that far in 34 seconds

you’ll see the same on every leader board [not in Rivals] it’s been that way since day 1 … don’t expect a fix anytime soon all are busy removing songs and albums cover images and when they are not tied up with that, they are looking at a way to give us colour choice on the brake discs. I think validity to leader boards comes after ‘wall-riding’ which in turn is about 3 places further down the list than the summer season’s new clothing collection.

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Actually you see that in rivals also, just look drag racing and you see lots of glitch scores.

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not sure why people keep calling them glitch scores instead of what they are