Isha's Taxi feedback and forza live event persistent issue

First Isha’s taxi, I hadnt tried this yet im usually a bit slow on the story mode engagement, I havent finished laracer yet even and drift club 1.0 and 2.0 are completely untouched still.

Decided to try Isha’s tonight and it just happens to be winter time. My friend tried it in summer and said it was fine. From my experience though there is 0.0% grip with the given cars in snow conditions because they have all the power, RWD only and im guessing slick racing tires. There is no capacity for traction and even open sweeping turns have to be taken at low speed to prevent the car from 4 wheel drifting off into trees. If you happen to go off the road and need to climb a hill to get back, forget it theres no capacity for the taxi to climb snowy slopes. Maybe in winter time have the racing slick tires become winter tires? Though the gimmick across the frozen lake in one of the earlier events was nice, i did 3 star that one.

As for forza live, a friend and I were convoyed up and we went to a forza live with about 4+ minutes to spare. There was about 6 others there by the time the event started but the instant it started my friend and i were booted to a session with only 15 players and not one of them was doing the event. We barely managed to finish round 2 meanwhile the other group would have easily finished the entire event. This needs to stop. This should never be a thing. Why is it literally kicking players to the kerb and making it impossible for them to complete these events. I still remember the time it tossed me out of a session with at least 10 other players and it wanted me to SOLO the event. Was an absolute joke. I exited the game and turned the console off when it did that cause it was 100% a waste of time. Needs to be fixed please