Is this the complete Forza 7?

Forza 7 has been out for over 7 days for the ultimate edition users and 3 days for the regular users. No changes in the multiplayer section. Does turn 10 really hate drifters/drag racers? What about ABC racers? Why no changes? Sad to see it like this. I am in no way an old forza veteran. Been playing Forza since 2011, but ever since, i’ve been playing it day and night. So many hours logged. Really hope they change this. I don’t see any reason to play this game anymore if they don’t add public drifting lobbies (or drag racers and what not for your interests). Nothing beats coming home from work and playing hours on end with drifters around the world. Please Turn 10, change this…thanks…

I’ve met so many cool people around the world through public hopper lobbies…please don’t change this…thanks (I guess).


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missing multiplayer hoppers

Drift lobby, when is it coming?


I don’t know what to say really, but it’s just sad. I feel like the entire drifting community has been completely ignored. I remember when FM6 came out, I got the early access version, there was barely any multiplayer lobbies when FM6 came out, but they added more lobbies as the days went by (2-3 days after the early access release). But it’s been over 7 days since the FM7 early access release, and I feel like this is the final version…which is really sad ://

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I’m honestly baffled by how bad the launch was, and what the hopper situation is. This is what I forked over 100 dollars for?
I really am losing hope now. This game is already boring (to me), no class hoppers, no new division hoppers, nothing. Career is stale now that I completed it and have only the post-career to knock out to reveal whatever prize there may be.


I agree, barely played this game tbh. I don’t know, but I just love tandem drifting with others around the world…nothing like it. Been playing FM7 with some other people through xbox group (finding players thingy) but it’s just not the same. I just wanna launch FM7 and join an public drifting lobby. I’d say 95% of my time on Forza motorsport since 2011 has been on public drifting lobbies. I just love it, not much of an racer, I just love drifting :slight_smile: But I don’t see an reason to play this game any longer if they don’t add public drifting hopper lobbies.

Guess it’s time to re-download FM6…


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