Is this game DEAD

For all intensive purposes, this game came to an end with the decision not to add new cars. I disagrees. With more than two months before the arrival of FH5, adding the new Toyota Supra to the game could revive interest in one of the most successful Forza Horizon games! The new Supra would generate and hold interest in the game until FH5 launches later this year.

I’m going to be that guy.

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Nothing would hold interest in the game until FH5 launches. The game is winding down. Play something else for 8 weeks… I got FM7. Then I got Oculus Quest 2. Currently playing Elite Dangerous, and I Expect You To Die, and some Casino Games.

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Sorry, but I’m not getting it … why would some random car wish change how game plays?
If you have a personal car wish, then put it in dedicated sticky thread.


Adding to that: this game features an utter abundance of cars already of which most play pretty samey-samey albeit looking very differently. Adding cars really stopped adding value to the game a long time ago, it just turned it into 4wheel-Pokemon.


It’ll be very dead once FH5 comes out