Is this an insight into GamePass?

Lazy team, lazy development, no support and no community follow up???

Yes Halo is a shining glory but this crap was ALT-C, ALT-V with 1 new Ray Tracing on top.

Is this what its going to be for studios bought by Microsoft linked to Game Pass, “Why bother its free? I don’t get a bonus on sales from it!!!”

As a developer would you spend more time working than playing if you didn’t get the payments you used to get before the buy out?


I didn’t think much of Halo TBH. The game is unpolished and unfinished. This is to my disappointment BTW, because I really enjoy Halo and its gameplay. The multiplayer aspect I haven’t touched, but many people praised it. Understandable, since this game feels a lot like Halo Reach.

Game Pass contracts for third-party publishers may have a clause determining payment according to playtime. I imagine that first-party studios owned by Microsoft may also earn bonuses based on how much people play, considering it was revealed even Microsoft’s CEO earns a bonus on top of meeting Game Pass targets.

Microsoft’s plan is to churn out games galore every quarter. If you look at Netflix, few shows are salvageable. So I don’t expect Microsoft to focus much on quality except for the parts journalists play, and for addictive mechanics. There will be the rare experimental title like Hellblade II, but E3 this year made it clear Xbox’s main breadwinners will be the online-focused titles with most potential for engagement and possibly monetization.


Interesting point. Since FH5 was included with GamePass since day one, the base game is unlikely to generate big sales revenue. Seems like there’s no reason for the devs to go above and beyond to fix even half of the serious bugs. I expect the bugs to stay, many more bugs to be introduced, and a bunch of add-ons to be released that aren’t part of GamePass. Loot boxes being added wouldn’t surprise me.