Is there any way to suggest ideas without them being swallowed by the enormous mass of the wishlists

Say I have an idea. I post it in the wishlist right? Why on earth would turn 10 read through eighty pages of stuff when they make FM6? Is there any other way to suggest things?

Please do not do that.

That email address does not exist so it too can be flooded with requests.

Wishlists exist for a reason and that reason it so that all requests of a similar subject can be collected in one place to make it easier to sort through them. Why would someone read through 80 pages of wishlist? Because the car team is not going to read through an entire forum for 80 pages worth of individual request threads and the track team is not going to read through an entire forum for 80 pages of individual request threads. Combining requests into a single thread dedicated to those requests makes it easier for the intended recipients to find, see and understand the popularity of those requests.


I’d suggest that with all the money that T10 pump into making a new title, reading through 80 pages of fan wish lists would take up only a fraction of their allotted time.

I’m 100% sure that someone involved in the game will read all the wish lists.

After all, the Fiat Abarth was hidden deep within a wish list at one point.

I think it depends more on whether T10 can do it, as oppose to you wanting it.

I’d even go as far to guess somebody is paid to go through all of the requests, after all quite a fair bit of the major cars/track/occasional feature requests find their way into the game.

why not do a voting thread if its really a popularity contest. anyone can add cars, tracks, features to the list and give people so many votes they can cast per category. then rather than reading thru pages, posts, etc…you could look at a chart in a quick glance. then if you get a surprise you could read thru the posts to see why. if users can be expected to use the search function to find answers or prevent duplicating threads, it has to work. if you are looking for a tune for a certain car you dont read the entire board, you do a search for that car. you can have both forms of data at the same time. you can have a quick summary/chart or the full details. just decide which is more helpful for your current needs.

So you basically want a “top rated” from the FM3 and FM4 storefronts for the forum wishlist. That wasn’t exploited and manipulated was it?

Because it really isn’t a popularity contest as the Dodge Charger Hellcat would like to remind you. Popularity of a request is simply one of many possible determining factors that might contribute to a request progressing to realization.

Dont put too much hope into user requested features, this is not WMD/SMS. Did any of the requests from the features wishlist for FM5 ever see daylight? i cant remember any…

The car/track wishlists are another story though. Almost every car/track got requested in these whishlists at some point, so its not really difficult to find some that have been released as DLC.

I’m pretty sure T10 will continue their “we know what gamers want” approach

SMS/WMD aren’t going to do all of that either, they just make you think it’s of the upmost importance. Same thing T10 have done as you mentioned.

The wishlists are an area for your posts to collect so the entire forum isn’t clogged with them. 900 people could post “candles” in the track wishlist and no one would ever know it or see it except the mods.

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Well, at least there is some communication/interaction between devs and community :wink: But i’m not going to praise them for that, they are obliged to do so due to the community backing system.

I dont criticize the wishlist approach in here, dont see any other way to properly manage this without any sophisticated forum tools. I just doubt that T10 really puts much emphasis on user requests, based on my experience. but thats just my humble opinion

I believe the devs would love to put in all awesome ideas made by the community. But there are many reasons why they can not implement all of those ideas oe can not implement them as quickly as the requesters expect.

Open wheel is an example of something that was requested regularly and eventually it was implemented.

The devs are fully aware of desires for weather and night.

The thing each of us need to understand is that the game is not made for me or my way of playing - it is made for a very wide audience.


So where would I make a hopper request? Is that a feature? ( Stock forced RACING car spec hopper like the cycled production except cycled RACE lobby)

Pretty sure that one is for the feature wish list.

Good shout though - actually race cars are way under used in this game. Upgrading an Aussie V8 makes them horrible to drive compared to the stock version. Same with most GT cars.

candles? did i miss something?

Oops, I suppose the Forza feedback email isn’t the best place to address your wishes. However, I do have another legitimate option: make sure you have your Xbox account contact preferences set to accept Xbox Newsletter / Marketing emails. Why? Within the past three months, I have received at least four different Forza-based surveys asking for input on everything from DLC to in-game features. I have completed these surveys with my complaints, opinions, and wishes with hopes that, combined with the ideas of others, it will change some of the ways Turn 10 Studios produces its future Forza titles.

Of course, it doesn’t mean everything you submit will come to fruition; but, if it makes you feel better compared to posting in the wish list threads, you’ve made your point through another means of contact. Furthermore, because it is Microsoft Studios and Turn 10 Studios soliciting the information, your ideas are very likely to be seen. In fact, the most recent survey I received was one that specifically mentioned that the survey was a follow-up to recent feedback.

So, go to and verify your contact preferences. Sure, you’ll get more extraneous email than the aforementioned surveys; but, it’s another option.

I tend to check the wishlist once a week and catch up the last few pages, skimming of course (lot of no-word-break paragraphs in there! LOL)

It’s not like you have to read 80 pages in one sitting, you skim thru and kinda get the gist. A well written bulleted post tends to get more of my attention, and it’s not hard to see which features are heavily requested by the people.

I am pretty happy that the front page isn’t full of requests, there would be a ton of requests that I wish not to be aware of!

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(sorry if its already has been saying)

The point of the wishlists is to swallow. Everyone’s suggestions go there. If you want yours to stand out, you must think it deserves to… but everyone else probably thinks theirs deserve to stand out, as well. So either everything goes in the wishlists, or nothing does, and I don’t think most forum goers want to see threads about the game they’re playing swamped in suggestions.