Is there any way I can force the much quicker instant rewind as opposed to the motion rewind?

Sometimes when I’ve been racing for many, many laps, about 45min to an hour into the race, if I hit the rewind button, it won’t show the motion of the rewind. The screen will simply black out and instantly rewind me about 5 seconds back.

This is incredibly useful to me for what I’m doing right now. If I have a corner / turn that is bugging me, I will open up free play and go to the turn and just practice it over and over on rewind.

Is this a race length thing? A “how many times you’ve rewound” thing? Or what?

Or is there a setting for it? (God, please let there be a setting for it)

If there isn’t, and someone knows the fastest possible way of getting to the point where it starts instant rewinding, PLEASE let me know.

Thanks. =)