Is there any possibility of receiving a VIP or Unicorn car?

Before forza horizon receives the EOL status
I bought all the extras except VIP
I regret it very much now
maybe someone knows how to get these cars in 2018?

P.S. What happens when someone sends me, for example, Sesto Elemento
Will I be able to accept this car or transfer me to purchase a VIP?

I would like to have VIP cars but I did not buy them before removing them from the store.
What happens if someone sends me eg. Elemento? Will I get a redirect to buy a VIP then? And yet, is there any chance of getting a Unicorn in 2018 and how to get it?

I’ve never heard about the possibility of a DLC car being able to be gifted. Do you?
Which Forza allows this? That seems a bit strange, as all the DLC must be downloaded and installed. I’m asking because I’ve never used the gift feature.

But let’s consider it prompts you to buy it at least. The marketplace will return an empty list, because you can’t buy anything from this game anymore.

You can get the VIP if you find a copy at retail of the Limited Edition. It’s the steelbook edition. If you find one with the code unused you can redeem the code. and it should immediately start downlaoding the VIP DLC pack.