Is there a way to see cars that I've earned, but not yet bought?

You know how in the progress screen it shows you the next car you can buy that’s in your queue (the ones you get when you level up)? I have 3 in my queue, but I can only see the first one. Does anyone know if there is a way to see the others? If not, that’s kind of weak.

No way that I know off and I have most cars banked a heap till I had the creds to buy your best bet is just to do a screen shot of cars you place in the Queue or car bank for later choices.

Thanks. This kind of sucks, especially when playing multiplayer, which I’ve now stopped. I have a Pagani that’s going to cost over a million credits in my queue, plus some other costly vehicles behind it, but when I play multiplayer, even if the car would cost zero, it still puts it and the end of the queue. I hate that.

No there isnt. I had a few million dollars cars in a row for my level ups, and I skipped it and put it in the queue to save up cash. ended up forgetting which cars were in there, save for the 1st one.
You should be able to cycle through them, but like with many things for this game, logic was not applied.

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I find this difficult as well but I no longer put them in rewards for later because they rotate anyway and seem to pester you to buy those cars before they offer more. What I find even worse is the description of the car on offer is incomplete. Just had a Ferrari offered that I rejected about 6 times already the F50 because I was positive I already had it and even looked in my garage and there is the F50. Turns out one is the 95 and the other 96 with one a GT yet the description - Ferarri F50. I am starting to wonder if it is only the team cars like Indy or in the early offers the V8 supercars where you will get the same car offered otherwise it will only offer you cars you don’t have.

I never had one double. The race cars, though in base are the same, count as different cars when the number is different. I always asked myself, why we need different cars for that. One car with all available liveries would do for me. I don’t care, if the cars IRL differ a bit in performance.

You cannot cycle through. And when you have cars in your queue, you even can’t see the next upcoming. Annoying, unneccessary and lack of sense implemented. More than once, I ended up doing a short race to see, which car is the next to see if I want it, or if I should level my car tier.
I usually hold one expensive car to level up my tier, for the case there is a cheap and unwanted car for the next level up. Most of the time, the next is better.

You can filter your cars to “Locked” or “Unlocked” in the filters menu, however you cannot filter to cars you already own or do not own. You can, however, tell which cars you own at a glance, as unowned cars have a grey background whereas owned ones become transparent.

This is pretty sad, sounds like more of a design flaw that was over looked IMO.

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Where is this “queue” you speak of?

The rewards queue, in the “Progress” tab of the Main Menu.

If your collector tier changes between skipping the car and going to redeem it from the rewards menu, then the cars will change.

I only skipped cars I couldn’t afford, then when I went back to redeem them, I had a bunch of free cars in there.