is there a way to play only 1 class type?

can i only play class A or class B? i freaking hate roadtrip… i have to play whatever majority rules which suck because people only like to play S1 and S2 and everyone just crash each other like its bumper car or retarded gokart or something. why play s1 or s2 when most of the people dont even how to race? people please go play need for speed or the crew or something. i even have a g27 setup but i cant use it cause once people crash me i will spin the hell out.

This game is skewed to the x999 users not for real car enthusiasts who like real class racing. I know the feeling dude. Hit me up if you ever want to cruise Real Street.

Really? I rarely see road trips for X-Class online. Typically the three options are A, S1, and S2 and very rarely will I see B, C, or X class.

That said, people do tend to go for S1 or S2 which is annoying but hey. I’d prefer to stay in B, A, and S1 but it’s not about what I want it’s about what the lobby votes for.

If you want to stay in one particular class, I suggest you do all the championships in each location you can while staying in that class.

The online vote is a ridiculously bad idea. It is easily the worst thing about this game. People should be able to play what they want to play. I for one DO NOT want to play online in S2 class yet that is what the kids always vote for. S2 class online is nothing but a demolition derby. Most of these players couldn’t run a clean lap in a C Class yet they are trying to negotiate tricky turns in high end S2’s they have absolutely no chance of controlling effectively. Then people complain about crashers :slight_smile:

I think I have been in one D Class and 2 C Class road trips and they were terrifically fun! A and B are awesome. S1 is okay but it tends to get more demolition derbyish as well. I simply won’t do S2 road trips anymore and it is frustrating. They other day I’m cruising around and sign up for online trip. Get put in S2, drop out, try again S2 again, drop out, happened 4 times before I finally get in an A class trip which is the last race and of course they vote for S2.

We need a choice for the road trips WE WANT to play in. Let us choose the class (and even venue) and then wait for it to fill. I would much rather wait than keep dropping out of unappealing road trips for my tastes. I hate King and Infected too! I wish we could choose racing only versus those incredibly annoying games.

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Thats essentially a lobby and that will not happen, although id also prefer that way. My favourites are S1 and below, S2 is fine but I agree some of the people cant drive. But its still fun beating them in my Venom in the rain as well, underrated car.

Regardless of whether or not I agree with you, I’ve bolded the text I take issue with.

You clearly state, “People should be able o play what they want to play” and then go on about how voting for what you want to play is bad and how people are all wanting to play S2. Well, if people should be able to play what they want to play and they want to play S2, isn’t that mission success?

As for “We need a choice for the road trips WE WANT to play in” you do. Either you do a public lobby and have a choice between the most frequent preferences of A, S1, and S2 and play public lobbies or you get into a private lobby with like minded folks and set up the road trips for whatever class it is you want.

So to address your two main issues - people are playing what they want to play (a vast majority) and for those who want more control over it there is an option?

How you choose to proceed is up to you,

I don’t think you get my point. You should be able to choose what you want to play NOT vote for what you hope to play. The vote is pointless and frustrates people who cannot play the class they want to play because the vote is simply a bad game mechanic. Those who want S2 will have it but those who want something else will have what they want as well. if players could choose. The vote may have seemed like a good idea on paper but in practice it just doesn’t work very well.

Not giving players this choice is bad for business from a Turn 10 point of view… Players get frustrated, players can’t do what they want and players quit and never come back. All because of a poorly designed game mechanism that apparently seems to be carved in rock.

That makes sense. I don’t think they did what you are describing n FH1 though, so it’s no surprise it didn’t happen here.

Typically, when I play online I get my fair share of S2, but I find it gets mixed up for other classes as well. Typically this is for two reason - people are avoiding King/Infected or people have a mike and are actually decent people who will mix in other classes when requested.

I think the largest detriment to the VOTE feature is not the voting by itself but the fact that you must then sit through minutes of loading screens and wait for the race to begin before you can quit. This takes a lot of time and it registers as you quitting so you get a loss on your stats. I think there should be nan option to return to SOLO from within the VOTE screen.

I usually back out of S2 as well, I only have a handful of cars built to run that class anyway. I prefer to stick to B, A and S1 so it does get frustrating. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get in a road trip that’s not S2 and then when I do get into a decent class it’s usually on the third or fourth race already. If I’m really lucky it’s king or infected (sarcasm intended).

Lately I’ve grown tired of trying to find non S2 road trips and just load up FM5 so I can race in the class I want to as well as not having to deal with king and infected.

I race with like minded people in private lobbies when I can but that’s not always an option, just depends on when the right people are online. Anyone that wants to do some B, C or S1 road trips, feel free to add me to your friends list, my GT is DeathMetalRacer.

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I was online for awhile last night, I got too try out the new rockstar beetle in more races than I prefer to…I used your tune PPi and I find it’s a very forgiving car for S2, so even though I’m consuming my favorite alcohol beverage…:slight_smile: I did just fine, and half the room would bail during the first race…they still all vote for S2 every chance they get claiming it’s fun? but most of them suck at anything over A class, online defies logic most of the time…LOL

All I’m saying is that it’s hard to find fellow car enthusiasts online for me. I build cars off of realistic standards. I see most cars online have been AWD swapped. I see almost none below S2. The majority crowd that I have experienced online has really turned me off from the Horizon branch of Forza. In Forza motorsport you get a more mature audience. This being said I am always down to cruise. Reason why I started my new club.

GT is same as username.

There are good cars that are RWD but if AWD is winning in online, that’s what people will use.