Is there a way to just play Road racing online?

feeling dumb here but I can’t seem to figure it out…all i see is the one that randomly gives road, dirt, or cross-country and it always gives crazy PI classes.

It seems like a maxed S1 car on dirt is like beyond WRC cars or peak group B cars, so it’s kind of unrealistic imo. I just wanna play road racing all the time, any way to do this without creating an event every time?


Short answer: NO.

The only way is to race in custom events, or make a convoy with a closed group of friends, but no, open racing wont let you race in S2 (HT), and wont let you chose the type of race you want.

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Not at the moment but it may be on the horizon (no pun intended) with the next series update.


Unfortunately not, the rest of us are just as annoyed as you on this one.
It took me 10/15 minutes to get in to an S2 class road race, only to sit there for 5 minutes whilst race was in progress which was the final race and then an B class cross country race came up so had to wait another 10 mins getting an S2 race again.

FORZA HORIZON 5 DEVELOPERS BRING BACK CUSTOM ADVENTURE OPTION so we have the choice to choose what kind of race we want to do because this system is absolute sewage.


Good enough ty guys
i know the game is dirt-focused so i have to embrace it i guess

It’s not dirt focused. It’s a mix of road, street, cc and dirt. You’re free to do whatever you want except when it comes to their replayable content. Hurr Durr…

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This is the biggest downside of the game, imo. What do you do when you finished all season events? Of course, have fun in online parties. But I barely see any other player in free roaming (that was way better in FH4). And this game contains hundreds of cars with lots of upgrade & tuning stuff so I want to RACE these cars.
I’m not even asking to race a specific class or a specific track, I just want to race on streets! NO dirt or cross country!

Please re-add the filter from FH4 for online races, please…


There is a suboptimal workaround in fh5 for this. You setup a convoy and specify “road race” as the convoy type. You need other players to join your convoy. It then increases your chances of getting road races and S2 races.

The strategic solution is to bring back custom adventures into fh5. They were in fh4 and should be in fh5


If the livestream is anything to go by, the developers gave a pretty soft confirmation that the filters will be coming back in Season 6, so this Thursday/Friday depending on your timezone.

I can’t wait, sick and tired of S1 cross country lol

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I will believe it when i see it

lol, no dude. You are not “free” to do whatever you want… thats the main problem, you dont get it lol.

Did you read the second sentence?