Is there a way of getting the braking and throttle levels on the screen while driving, like in FM6?

I’m starting to get hooked on the Rivals mode, and trying to slowly progress to turning all the assists off. I haven’t turned ABS off yet, but I never fully depress the brake trigger anyway, so I don’t think I’ll have too much of a problem.

I’d still really like to see the throttle and brake level just for reference- in the few times I’ve played FM6 at a friend’s I can nail the braking, but I always accelerate too hard.

As a side question, if I have ABS turned on like I do currently, does braking at 75-80% still work better than 100%, or is there no disadvantage to max. braking while this assist is on?


Have you tried driving with Telemetry on? It’s in the SETTINGS → CONTROLS -->ADVANCED CONTROLS options. You can switch the button functions for ANNA to Telemetry (you don’t need ANNA when doing rivals or test driving tuning settings, which is where most players really want to use telemetry). Once switched, you HOLD d-pad down to turn on telemetry, then scroll dpad left or right to see various telemetry reports as you race.

Also, in order to really be competitive in Rivals, you should practice with ABS off - most of the fastest times are set by players with this and the other driving assists off.


Cheers, probably wouldn’t have found that by myself.

I’ve been hitting some top 20 times on the off-road tracks with assists on which I’m pretty pleased with, but yeah, to compete in the tarmac courses, I really need to turn it off.