Is there a way / mod to show the lego cars in the game as normal cars ingame?

Hello, so like a lot of people I was extremely irritated about the lego expansion when it was announced. Luckily though, although I got fortune island, I choose not to get the expansion pass, therefore saving $20. But unfortunately, not my sanity. I went back to horizon 3 for a month or so after the expansion came out to let the lego cars pass through so that hopefully I wouldn’t be exposed to them. But unfortunately, I have encountered them so many times in multiplayer and it really annoys me off (trust me, I want to put a much worse word there). I got into the forza franchise because I am a car enthusiast and I just wanted to get as close as possible to driving cars that I probably never would get anywhere near in real life as possible. For me, seeing a lego car while I am cruising or racing just ruins my immersion in the game and makes me want to rip my hair out. I just hate that stupid lego mini figure smiling at me in his stupid mini that is completely out of proportion, or his Ferrari F40 that somehow, somebody got the model wrong. Or worst of all, the Senna that looks nothing like a Senna. I mean, how do you get the wing on that car wrong? Even with lego bricks!

So anyway, since it fills me, and probably so many others with so much rage every time they see these stupid piles of bricks rolling around in a world where they don’t belong, I was wondering if there was a mod or a way to have the cars show up as their real life counterparts on my client?

I just don’t want to see Satan himself smiling through that lego mini figure at how much he is torturing me and other young car enthusiasts who play forza. I am fed up! Myself and I’m sure many others want something done. We don’t want our immersion of driving a really nice car through the hills in a world with no cops, and no consequences ruined.

Please comment below if you have any way of fixing this.

And to turn 10, if you are reading this, in the words of Jeremy Clarkson, you guys are a bunch of blithering idiots.
So please put out some kind of optional patch or DLC that will allow the suffering of people like myself to end!

PS: You’re little stunt with TopGear and Chris Harris, is not enough to redeem you.
Clarkson will always be the best TopGear presenter of all time.

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Patch your brain.


I have never seen anyone else driving a Lego car in-game, except in Lego valley, and even then they’re pretty rare. I thought the AI picked one in a single player race a couple weeks ago, but it was just a blocky looking old rally car.

Chances are, if you see someone in a Lego car, they’re just doing it to troll you, and others who are jolted by seeing a lego car. And… it’s working. They got your number.

Like Ti Hsien says, patch your brain. Learn to not let it bother you.


Drama post of the week


So far the only LEGO car I’ve encountered was driven by the AI, I’ve yet to encounter any in multiplayer and online freeroam. Though admittedly I don’t play very often nowadays. My passion for the game has run out after PG decide to turn it into something similar to game-as-a-service and the (in my opinion) disappointing LEGO expansion. Nowadays I just play for the sake of not missing out on new cars.

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Unfortunately not, these legos ruined the online game.
Almost every time I play ranked match I see a brick car, F-40 or Senna.

Thank you for your feedback.

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