Is there a specific way to quit Forza 6?

Is there a specific way to quit Forza 6? Here is why I ask.

I have noticed on occasion when I load my game again I am not in the car I was last in or if I purchase a car just before I end my session it will be in my garage but, not be the color I painted it. In the instance of not being in the same car it would be the last car that I was in before switching to the one I should be in. Makes me think the game is not saving or syncing properly. I did have an issue once with my profile stating it could not be synced. I did nothing and it synced a couple days later. I was not playing while it would not sync. I have also noticed my last touched tuning settings sometimes don’t stick. I use an excel file when I am testing and tuning. This is how I noticed the difference. I have not checked if this has been affecting my reward money or money in general.

I prefer to press B until your at the splash screen then the xbox button to quit, however there seems to be some people that prefer to quit in a huff .


I am thinking the splash screen is where the pic of the Ford Gt is. I back out to there and either hit XBox button and quit or hit A restart and then quit. The latter might be me creating the issue. Ill stick to the former then. Thanks.

Lol! True for me in multiplayer twice. Hopefully no more.

And sometimes the game just decides you’re done all on it’s own…well,more than sometimes…

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I actually back out then switch to Peggle and load that THEN turn off the X!..just to be sure.

No, I am not kidding.

Push the big x button,then the hamburger button,then quit!! I always backout to the start screen first.

Once you are done with a race and it takes you back to the menu - that’s where you press the X guide button on your controller to go to your console’s home screen. Press start, then select Quit. Do this for every game so that it gets saved properly.