Is there a smart way to spend 300 skill points

I’d completely neglected this element of the game as I’ve been playing…now I read there are lots of ‘smart ways’ to spend these points to maximize money return on investment, getting specific perks for specific cars, obtaining LE cars…anyone have a website handy that lists out smart-moves or have suggestions? Thx.

This is sandbox style game. There’s so many different ways to spend them. You can max out some common cars to get close to the “achievement” on ForzaHub, you can max out some of your favorite cars, or you can go through the ladder to get 300,000Cr for some cars or spend them to get the perk exclusive FE cars. You really can’t go wrong with how YOU spend them. I’ll link the Cr perk below since that’s the one that is most effective for players.

Their website is a little difficult to navigate at first, but it’s super helpful and has a ton of good information for perks.

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Try this: #27 Perk | Car Masteries | FH4 |

Buy the 1982 Porsche 911 3.3, get the 300K, delete the porsche(s).
That is the most efficient way.

At first it’s good to get both the Alfa Romeo FE cars maxed out, and use them on the Goliath. You will soon get the skill points back, plus a load of money.

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Ripperoo UK, Thank you for the Forzapedia posts up there, seriously. And to the rest of you who dropped me those links, gonna go browse and spend some of these things. MANY Thanks!

No problem! You are very! welcome

I compiled an extensive spreadsheet of all cars over the last 12 months to track:

- Rare Cars
- Prize Cars
- Personal Ownership Status
- Duplicates
- Skill Points
- Skill Tree Wheelspins
- Skill Tree Exclusive Cars
- Skill Tree Cashback
- Personal Tunes Applied

Thought I may as well share some of the info gathered if it helps others.

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In addition to the above… but you might have figured this out already:

Roughly you can spend your points in three categories.

1 - Goodies like wheel spins, cars and cash. Pretty much always worth it unless you have everything that can be bought with cash.

2 -Influence boosts. There are one time gains to influence and boosts to the influence your car gets through skills. Depending on how much you care about your level, the one time gains can be worth it, especially if they don’t cost much or if you pass them anyway on your way to the goodies.
Whether the influence boosts to skills are worth it depends a bit on how much you are going to use the car.

3 - Skill boosts.
They add a pecentage to the skill score you get when you perform certain skills.
These are interesting as you are basically spending skill points in order to increase the number of skill points a car generates.
These are only worth it if you are going to use a car quite a bit.
Maxing out a Forza Edition car with Skills Boost can be interesting (the Renault 5 Turbo FE is quite nice for that).
I’ve also maxed out some of my favorite cars I use in races as well as the cars I often use in Forzathon LIVE.

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Another way to spend your skill points is on wheelspins.

You may have noticed that the “Car Mastery” skill tree has a wheelspin available for 4 skill points.

Some cars, such as the “Austin Healy” can be bought very cheaply in the AH and that car has a wheelspin costing only 4 skill points.

I did this hundreds of times early in the game to amass huge numbers of wheelspins, which got me huge amounts of credits and loads of cars that were rare at time (not so much now).

If I was to suggest maxing out one car in particular in order to take advantage of the “Skill Boosts”, it would be the “2013 BMW M6 Coupe Forza Edition”.

This car has a 7 x multiplier and enabled me to amass in excess of 999,999,999 skill score.

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