Is there a problem with servers

I must admit to not playing forza 5 for a while, when I put the disk in it tells me I need an update, then after accepting I get there was a problem with the update message I have retried numerous times, I have checked my internet settings all is good checked disk is clean, which it is. Even tried the power cycle method as described on

I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to uninstall and reinstall again

So I was wondering if there was a problem at turn 10s end

btw ive updated ryse and dead rising before upping this message to eliminate as much as I can. Any help or info would be appreciated

How is your internet connection? If you have intermittent or low connectivity, this can cause updates to fail.

my connection is good 56.8mbps download, 2.78mbps upload, packet loss 0%, mtu 1480, latency 162ms,

I have tried both wired and wireless, I prefer to on a wired connection for stability, I don’t get as good stats with the wireless

I have tried a couple more times same outcome

I have just updated Kinect sports rivals aswell as ryse and dr3 so I presume ive got a stable enough connection

will try again tomorrow

thanks for replying

Are you able to try and uninstall or cancel the update? If so, do so then shut the console down completely by holding the Xbox One power button (not the controller’s) until it turns off. Then, reboot and try to for a clean update install by launching the game.

The update wont even start , it says forza needa an update, I accept then I get the error straight away , I have tried the 5 second power down, and disconnected the power supply for 30 seconds, to no avail.

Its annoyed the hell out of me for today, so will power xb1 down totally and leave off and reboot in the morning long shot but you never know

Not only do you hold the console Big X button down for force a system check, but you need to unplug the external power pack from the wall (or the cord from the power pack on the wall side) and remove the power totally from the pack, and then let it sit for about five minutes. Reconnect the power, then start the console as you normally would, sign into Xbox LIVE and try to launch the game again.

If it does not resume the download, locate the FM5 icon on the dashboard and press the double-box button (next to the left thumb stick). This brings up Manage Forza Motorsport 5. If the incomplete download is showing, highlight it (NOT the game itself) and then use the triple-line button next to the right thumb stick to “Uninstall” that incomplete item ONLY.

After doing that, back out of there and start the game again. DO NOT do anything else on the system until the download reaches 100% - even if it says “Ready to play.” Any activity on the console will suspend the download.


Thanks for the reply , firstly I disconnect the power cord for 16 hours overnight and while I was at work,

Everything looks ok on the manage game screen, I have the main icon on the left with the forza logo and the McLaren p1, then 2 green boxes next to it , 1 being the ford transit supersport van dlc, the other the holden commodore car dlc, then 3 othe rboxes with icons on fm5 bonus content, fm5 vip membership, and the fm5 Honda legends car pack.

There are no incomplete downloads at all, I have looked at each one to see if there was any information in them but nothing, when I launch the game it tells me forza needs an update then I get the message. The full message I get is

There was a problem with the update

Forza motorsport 5 needs an update but something went wrong. for help visit xbox.xom/xboxone/update/help

Try again
Check network connection

The bit about visiting is pretty much a waste of time as it seems to be for a system update not a game update.

No matter what I do I cant get past this, have you any more suggestion ? or do I have to bite the bullet and uninstall / reinstall yet again


I would say to contact Xbox Support. It is their delivery system, and they are paid to help us. Do NOT delete anything unless they instruct you to do so.

hi thanks , its worth a shot I suppose, just seems that they say the same that’s on the website, probably they just read it like we do :slight_smile:

After 90minutes onto xbox support , going thru the obvious and stuff that I already had done , then after deleting alias mac addresses and deleting bluray persistent storage a full delete and re install had to be done, all is now working as it should, appararnetly a file in the persistant storage was probably corrupt which was causing forza to get in to the update loop error, or that’s the best xbox support could come up after talking to someone at turn 10.

I was also told to wait until the install was at 100% before playing and not to do anything else while install was in progress.

At least its sorted (eventually), thanks for the tips and advice Snowowl and The Shadow Edge

Glad you got it sorted out. Not sure how that storage is involved, but it probably choked on itself. Good to know.

I would add one other thing - when we finish playing the game and go back to the dashboard, while FM5 is still highlighted, use the triple-dash button (small, by the right thumb stick) and Quit the game. That will finalize anything on the game left open.

good point will make a concerted effort to do that everytime I finish a session

thanks again