Is there a place on this site that shows lap times of people?

I’m just wanting to get ideas. I don’t have the live set up yet. We’re waiting for one of my sons friends to do it at the same time because we have it free for a month and we wanted to start it at the same time as them. Anyways…

I practice at Road America a lot and would like to see what people do on there. I just earned a Corvette in A class in the world tour and turned in a 2:34 at Road America and that blew any other car away I’ve tried there previously. Probably a laughable time for someone good in A class though. hehehehe.

Leaderboards is the only way i think.

Choose the Forza 4 Leaderboards when you first log onto this website and filter as necessary.
The top time in A Class at Road America is around 2:11.785.

Hope that helps!


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Wow, 23 seconds faster. That’s crazy. Well, not really, I’m totally a newb. I have hard time steering that thing. But man was it fast. I get back in the E and F cars and it feels like you’re barely moving. But so much easier to handle. LOL.

Still not bad if you are new to the game. Once you can get online and race against ghosts of players faster than you, your times will improve significantly.



I’m planning on setting up xbox live soon. Although I’m not sure dislike racing against the computer right now. Nobody can get mad at me for accidentally bumping them. I’m still getting used to steering and staying in a proper line and not be too all over the place. It’s getting better though.

You could sign up for the Xbox Live silver account now, which is FREE. then later upgrade to Gold when you’re ready.
With the silver account you can see the Leaderboars and race against the Ghosts or watch their replays.

The Forza 4 and 5 Leaderboards are at this link:

I didn’t know there were different levels. Aaaaaah!!!