this Forza has left me high and dry as well as many others that have purchased this game. I for one would like my money back. there are NO joinable online class lobbies. there are NO prospective leaderboards aside from other failures and functions promised by E3. There are no joinable lobbies in online gaming… the competitive classes that replaced r class, p class, x class, and many others don’t even exist.
Therefore I will be starting a class action lawsuit against turn ten for their such actions for their attempt to profit from illegitimate claims through advertisement. via E3


If you only just got the game why don’t you just ask for a refund? Point out the ad you mentioned-Point out what is missing as advertised in the game and ask for money back.


Good for you! Let us know how many millions you pocket.

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Yes, please.

If you have played any meaningful amount of the game you will get no refund.

Sadly caveat emptor will likely apply.

I doubt you have a snowballs of starting a class action. You invested badly, as a lot of us might well agree.

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I got my money back not too long ago :point_right::joy:

if you want a refund you need to contact who you bought it from… digital=microsoft

cant see a class action going anywhere and will cost you more than its worth just to start one

Pretty sure that in one of the many XBox Live updates that you clicked “I Agree” to without reading, was you giving up your rights to a class action lawsuit against Microsoft and it being replaced with binding arbitration.

i preordered the Ultimate Edition and started playing on the 29th of September and had it for a bit over a month, so i had more than the 30 days you are allowed to have in order to be eligible for a refund.
but i talked to the microsoft support on the phone and described that i actually wanted to wait until the clean the PC version up because i really want to like and keep this game, but for me performance became after every patch even worse and now i cant take it anymore and want to friendly ask for a refund. after some waiting on the phone the guy talked to the accounting department and they granted me my refund. i had just one hour later my 99,99 back on the paypal account.
so, instead of whining, OP, just call the support, be friendly, explain and you eventually get a refund.

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For refunds contact the retailer involved in your sale.

For legal matters your lawyer will know where to send communications.