Is there a long strait road with no turns in FH4?

One of the things I love about FH4 is the narration support as I am totally blind.
However, I’ve always wanted to go full speed in my collection of cars and drive freely without any traffic or obstacle’s to crash into.
Is this possible in the current game?
If not, could this be suggested as an added feature?
Many thanks.

Somebody could make a track in Super 7 game mode that goes a long way without slowing down.

What is that mode?
If it’s easy to do could someone make me a track?

OK, it will take about an hour.

Thank you very much, it is most appreciated.
Just please remember to make it completely strait with no turns, and if possible could you make it with different road surfaces?
If you can I would be very grateful, but if not I completely understand :slight_smile:

The two longest stretches that come to mind are the M68 motorway and the Roman Mile. The motorway still has some bends in it but is typically the stretch that most people can attain their highest speed. The Roman Mile after it’s initial bends is pretty straight and has some rises in it.

Neither one allows your upper tier cars to hit their top speed though, never mind actually run at that speed.

I think I’ll make a track as well. It’s nice to have options. Mine won’t be ready until tonight though, in like 12 hours or so.

I didn’t know you could make tracks in FH4, I thought the closest you could do to making your own things are blueprint events.
I’m guessing you will be making a track that allows higher spec cars to go full speed?

The motorway. You can test your car speeds there. Pick a time hour with almost none traffic, and there you go. Thats the best you going to get.

Sorry but that’s not helpful at all because I’m blind, so I can’t judge when traffic is on the road and as I’ve mentioned I don’t want any turns, and the motorway isn’t completely strait.
A couple of people have said they can make tracks for a certain mode, so maybe if they make one for me it will meet my requirements :).


I dont understand. You are not going to get any single circuit in-game with just a straight road, so whats the point? In the motorway you cant test if you car have enough speed, measuring speeds from 260-300 mph… more than that… its pointless. You are never going to do any pr stunt that requires more than 270-280 mph (and thats already too much). If you can get a speed of 270-280 mph in the motorway, why do you want even more? its pointless. But yeah, if thats your requirement, then the motorway its not useful…

OK let me explain myself again.
Because I’m blind, I still want to play the game, but in my own way where I can enjoy driving cars without crashing into traffic and obstacles etc.
That being said, I’ve come on the forum to ask you guys if there is any way I can get to a strait road in the game, or any workarounds that can be done, like in AquaPainter168’s post.
I acknowledge your suggestion about the motorway, however As I have previously mentioned this wouldn’t be possible for me because I can’t judge where traffic is, and the car doesn’t auto steer for you.
It might sound pointless to you, but it isn’t for me, so please respect that :slight_smile:
With that said, I hope I’ve made myself clear :).

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Drag strips and the beach. as the game says " the beach is where all top speeds were tested back in the day " lol

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Sounds like you should be playing Forza Motorsport 7 if want really long straights.

The tracks that anybody makes for you are using the existing roads in Horizon 4. They can’t create new roads.

OK I made a track in Super 7 Game mode.

Super 7 game mode is in the Outside Menu.
On Xbox One you press Right button 4 times in outside menu.
You then press left stick to the right, and press A
Then you have to press search, which is your small button on the left.
Then you have to push up on left stick 1 time.
Then press A
You are now entering a share code
The share code is
123063529 ENTER
Press A

Then there is a delay while it loads.
Then you are talking to a lady silently, you don’t hear it.
Then you hear whoosh!
Then you can drive!

I have steered the car for you around bends by tilting the road to the side, and the car skids a bit around corners. You don’t need to steer. You will hear the car bouncing around a bit on the bends.

Sometimes you hit a barrier at the end, you will hear that.

The race lasts about 26 seconds. If you are still driving after that you are in the end of mission screen. Press A to accept you time, or press B to do it again.

If you win, you press A, and are in the reward screen, and you get money, and rewards. A skips through the reward screens.

You don’t always win. If you win you hear some music playing. The cars skid too much for it to work every time. You win quite often though.

It is called “See No Evil”

Other players have to do the mission with their eyes closed!


Thank you very much, I’m very grateful for you doing that :slight_smile:
I apologise because I forgot to mention, I’m on PC doing this, so would it be possible for you to tell me how to do it on Pc?

Hey Blind Saiyan

The main problem with the Super 7 challenges is that you can only use the car the creator of the track was driving when making the track. So you don’t get a choice in vehicle. And when we create a track, you can’t use it over and over with different cars. You literally have to recreate the track each time you want to use a different car.

So … that being said. What cars do you want to use?

I am making a track now. If you like it, I will make copies of it, or add changes you ask for. But give me a list of cars you want to use and I will recreate the same track for whatever cars I have.

To anyone else, if you know how to access the Super 7 section using a PC, please let us know. Thank you.

Thanks for telling me, that’s sad news :(.
I wouldn’t really know what cars I want to use because I wasn’t aware of the restrictions. Therefore could this be suggested to the Devs maybe?
Unless you can sort the challenge by car class and just include all the classes…
Sorry I’m not a lot of help.
The only other thing I can suggest is if there was a blueprint event on the straightest part of the motorway, create one and disable traffic and just include all cars, but knowing my luck there probably isn’t :slight_smile:

Yes another problem is that the more powerful cars wheelspin, and turn left straight away. You can’t drive in a straight line. I tried a few cars, and ended up using the Porsche Cayenne. What I made though is fast, and scary for people closing their eyes. I think a lot of people will be too scared to try it.

I have tried the track on PC, with the Screen Reader Setting on.

Saiyan, I use an XBox controller, so the details below are for the standard setting I think. If you use the keyboard, I can go through the process again and let you know.

From the within the game, Hit the Esc key on the keyboard.
Click the Right Button on the controller 4 times (you will hear Horizon Super 7 announced)
move the left stick right once (Challenge Browser announced)
Press the Search button (Search Option Highlighted announced)
Move the Left Stick up once (this moves to the Share Code entry option)
Type in the code 123063529 previously mentioned (I think that the code is read back after you click the A button)
Move the Left stick down once and press A to accept.
Clicking A will start the Challenge. Near the end Anna will give directions that you can ignore.

I just tried the track, and gave it a like on the super 7 list :).
Is there a longer place you can make the track, and leave the car class open?
I didn’t get to top speed of the car you set and it seemed quite short.
Thanks everyone for your help :slight_smile: