Is there a list of car categories and classes needed for online events

Seems that the festival playlist in now filled with even more broken online content such like ‘play eliminator’ as a daily for Forzathon points.
To make sure you have enough ‘points’ for the ‘Free’ cars you also need participation awards from other online events.

For the Games etc. is there a list of cars and classes to set up tunes against.
E.g. Modern Rally Cars B 700 A 800 S1 900 etc.

Got thrown into PGG last night in the temples, wet with road tyres on my car as I didn’t have a B700 Rally tune… lets just say frustrating if you came to a stop.
Previously it was buggies and mine seemed to have 2 hopeless gears.

Given there are 37 car grouping now… and it seems the devs are intent on making it oddly specific which group and which PI is there a list anywhere to build against?